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Memphis, TN

Why You Might Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured and you believe the accident happened because of another party's negligence, you might need a Memphis personal injury lawyer. As a general rule of thumb, if you think you should call a lawyer, you should listen to your instinct and do so as soon as possible.

If negligence contributed to your injury or illness, technically you can file a claim against the liable party on your own. However, this is risky and could result in disappointment, lost time, and minimum recovery. You lose nothing by consulting a personal injury lawyer Memphis residents trust. If you're still unsure, consider the following:

  • A personal injury lawyer can speed up your case.
  • You can focus on your recovery while the lawyer takes care of the hard work.
  • You have a better chance at recovering more money.
  • Insurance companies, judges, and jurors tend to take a case more seriously if a lawyer is involved.
  • Lawyers, such as The Higgins Firm, are master negotiators.
  • A lawyer can handle all negotiations with the insurance company.
  • If a settlement cannot be reached, a lawyer should be ready to go to trial.

For a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Memphis, call The Higgins Firm now.

Tennessee Trial Lawyers

The Higgins Firm was created to ensure that people in need of significant legal help have the best opportunity to obtain the results to which they are entitled. To meet this goal we have assembled what we believe are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced trial lawyers in the state of Tennessee. We have the resources and experience to pursue a variety of high stakes civil claims.

Memphis Personal Injury Lawyers

The founding member of the firm, Jim Higgins, began his career defending insurance companies and corporations but now his firm focuses on the needs of individuals. He is a member of the million dollar advocates forum and the National Top 100 Trial Lawyers. He is litigated cases across Tennessee and the surrounding states. To ensure our clients receive a zealous representation, the firm is broken down into litigation sections that focus on specific areas. Included in the litigation sections are workers compensation, personal injury, employment law, and nursing home neglect. It is our belief that by having these dedicated sections each division is able to stay on the cutting edge of its legal focus.

Choosing the Best Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Case

It can be a challenge to find the right Memphis personal injury lawyer for your case. Most of our clients have never had to hire a lawyer before and they have never been in a lawsuit. The decision to hire a lawyer is not one our clients to be taken lightly. As such, it is important to feel comfortable about the law firm you choose. Be sure to ask about the firms experience with cases like yours, results they have obtained, if they expect you to pay costs or legal fees. We welcome these questions and would love the opportunity to tell you about our experience and successes. There is no charge for a consultation and the is NO FEE UNLESS WE WIN YOUR CASE.

A Little About the Higgins Firm

The Higgins Firm has offices in Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville and Memphis, Tennessee. Our lawyers litigate cases across the Tennessee and throughout the country. The firm has lawyers licensed to litigate cases in Texas, Kentucky and Georgia. Many of our lawyers are former insurance defense attorneys which will feel gives them unique insight to the cases we handle. We have lawyers that are members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and The Top 100 National Trial Lawyers. Also, through partnerships with other highly respected firms, The Firm has successfully pursued cases throughout the country. Our Memphis personal injury lawyers possess the knowledge, resources and experience to handle complex and significant cases. If you have a serious legal issue that needs the assistance of our firm, please contact us today.

What Our Clients Say
When my mother was neglected in a nursing home I was referred to The Higgins Firm for help. They did a great job representing my family and obtained a significant settlement. Hopefully, this will keep someone else's parent from being mistreated in the future. Angie S.
I have a large collection practice and don't handle personal injury cases. Instead of simply declining a case, I referred it to The Higgins Firm. They handled everything. My client got a large recovery and I got a large co-counsel fee. The client and I were both very happy. Attorney Bo Melton
The best injury lawyers in Nashville. They represented my son in a car accident case and did an awesome job. James D.