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Most family pets are harmless and not likely to bite or attack. However, even the friendliest dog may bite someone if scared or stressed. Some dog owners may even train their animals to be aggressive toward other people.

Occasionally, owners will even use their dog to engage in criminally violent attacks. When a dog bites someone, the dog’s owner could be held legally liable for injuries stemming from the attack.

State law specifies when and how a dog owner can be held liable. If you were recently injured in a dog attack, you could be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries. Contact an experienced Nashville dog bite lawyer immediately to begin building a claim.

Dangers of Dog Bites

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) estimates that 4.5 million dog bites occur annually across the nation. Dog bites victims are disproportionately young children and senior citizens, as these populations are more vulnerable to animal attacks.

The AVMA also estimates that nearly 800,000 dog bite victims must seek medical attention each year due to the severity of their injuries.

Even when a dog bite initially seems like a minor injury, they can lead to serious medical complications after the attack. Common injuries and complications resulting from dog bites include:

  • Infections
  • Permanent scars
  • Bruising
  • Internal organ damage
  • Swelling
  • Nerve damage
  • Deep puncture wounds

Without proper animal vaccination, dog bites can also lead to infectious diseases, including rabies and tetanus. No matter the situation, dog bite victims risk injury, which could result in high medical bills and other financial burdens. If an individual has suffered a dog bite, it is important to contact an experienced Nashville dog bite attorney as soon as possible.

Determining Liability

Most states impose a “one bite rule,” which means that pet owners can only be held liable for dog bites if their dog had previously bitten or attacked someone. Tennessee law used to enforce the one bite rule. However, state law recently changed to impose strict liability on dog owners.

Now, state law allows dog owners to be held liable for their pet’s bite even if that dog did not have a history of aggression. In other words, the law no longer requires a dog to have a history of aggression for the owner to be held liable for dog bite injuries. These circumstances can be best explained using a Nashville dog bite attorney.

Tennessee Code Section 44-8-413 does provide some exceptions to this strict liability rule. These exceptions mean that owners cannot be held liable if:

    • The dog is a police or military dog and the injury occurred during the course of the dog’s official duties
    • The injured person was trespassing on the owner’s private, nonresidential property
    • The dog was protecting its owner or other innocent party from attack

The injury occurred while the dog was securely confined in a kennel, crate or other enclosure

  • The injured person enticed, disturbed, alarmed, harassed, or otherwise provoked the dog into attacking

The law aids victims who suffer serious injury from a previously docile dog, and allows victims to seek financial compensation, through the use of a dog bite lawyer in Nashville, for medical costs and other costs related to their injuries.

Contacting an Attorney

Were you or a loved one recently injured in an animal attack? If so, you may be able to sue the animal’s owner for medical costs and other related expenses. Contact an experienced Nashville dog bite lawyer today to learn how they can help.

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