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Workers’ Compensation

Nashville workers’ compensation attorney Jim Higgins personally heads the Tennessee Workers’ Compensation division of The Higgins Firm. Jim works for Tennesseans to help injured workers receive fair compensation for on-the-job injuries. Jim and his fellow Higgins’ Firm Nashville workers’ compensation lawyers have successfully represented people suffering from a wide range of injuries, including: reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), rotator cuff tears, traumatic brain injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), loss of limb, repetitive strain injuries, and lumbar and cervical back injuries. Our Nashville Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Lawyers have put this site together to give you some basic information about your rights under the Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Act.

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Report the Job Injury Immediately

When injured at work, the Nashville worker should report the injury in writing immediately. If circumstances prevent the employee from making an immediate report on the workplace injury (for example, unconsciousness), Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Law requires the workplace injury be reported within thirty days after the injury occurred. Your Tennessee employer must complete a Form C-20, known as the “First Report of Work Injury.”

Obtain Medical Treatment

Whether or not your employer believes the claim is valid, Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Law requires that your employer report the claim to their insurance carrier. They also must provide you, in writing, the choice of three physicians (four, if a chiropractor is needed). The doctors listed must not work together and should be reasonably near your residence. You should be allowed a free choice among these three. However, once you choose, you are required to accept the doctor’s treatment and not see another medical practitioner unless your chosen doctor makes a referral.

Payment While Unable to Work

If your physician takes you off work for more than seven days, you may be entitled to temporary disability payments. An injured employee is not paid for the first seven days (not including the date of injury). On the eighth day following the workplace injury, you become eligible for one day’s benefit. Each following day of injury-prohibited work then counts for another day of eligible benefit. If this off-work period continues until a 14th day, the injured Nashville employee becomes eligible for all days missed, including the first seven. The worker continues to accrue days at a rate of one per missed day.

Obtain Legal Representation

Tennessee Workers Compensation law is complex and can be confusing to out-of-state attorneys who do not have the experience of The Higgins Firm. Unless your workers’ compensation lawyer has experience with Tennessee compensation law and insurance companies, you may not be told all of your available options. Don’t wait. Tennessee law puts deadlines on when you file the appropriate paperwork. If you delay, you might lose your right to a claim.

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