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Information on Area Nursing Homes

When you are searching for long-term care for your loved one it is important to gather as much information as possible. Of course, there is no substitute for in-person visits to the nursing home but the internet can be a good place to start when narrowing down your choices. To help with your selections, we have set forth some information below on nursing homes in several Tennessee Counties. Just click on the region to get more information on homes in these areas:

Choosing the Right Center

At The Higgins Firm, we understand how emotional it can be to decide that your elderly loved one should seek the care of a residential nursing home. These facilities cannot be chosen in a short period of time and rather will require due diligence on your part to ensure it has the capability of adequate caring for your loved one.

Four Main Factors in Choosing a Nursing Home

  • Location – Is the home near to family members who will be visiting often?
  • Capabilities – Can the home cater to your loved one’s unique mental, physical, and emotional health needs?
  • Environment – How is the atmosphere of the facility?
  • Cost – Does the facility accept insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, or other sources of income? What is included in the cost and what is not?

Visiting the Facility

Before you can know whether or not a nursing home is right for your elderly loved one, you should schedule a visit. At this time, take time to speak with the director and ask him or her any questions or concerns you might have. If you don’t get the answers you are looking for, or are unsatisfied, do not be afraid to ask follow up questions. Your questions may include:

  • How the facility addresses specific medical questions
  • The menu choice, dietary needs, nutritional requirements, flexibility of meals, snacks, etc.
  • How often medical staff are available
  • The staff to patient ratio
  • How medical emergencies are handled
  • Whether transportation to offsite medical facilities (i.e. appointments) is provided
  • Safety regulations
  • The quality of life, social engagement opportunities, and activities

Warning Signs of a Substandard Nursing Home Facility

Unfortunately there are nursing homes that fail to adhere to the ethics of nursing home care. When this is true, it could result in a substandard facility, or worse, abuse and neglect. Signs of a substandard nursing home facility include:

  • Poor ratings on the Medicare website
  • Registered complaints with your local Long Term Care Ombudsman
  • Unclean facilities
  • Residents have an appearance of being uncared for
  • Unfriendly nurses, aides, or other staff
  • The noise level is frequently high
  • You are unable to visit the facility without scheduling ahead of time
  • The facility is understaffed
  • There are obvious physical, emotional, or behavioral warning signs of abuse

It is important to communicate with your loved one about their stay at the facility. If they voice complaints, be sure to listen. Any incident suggesting abuse or neglect should be reported to the facility, Medicare, social services, your ombudsman, or a nursing home lawyer. Once your report your concerns, an investigation may take place. Should a lawyer believe you have a legal case, he or she will discuss with you the next steps to take.

The Higgins Firm: A Nursing Home Lawyer in Tennessee

For years, The Higgins Firm has been fighting for victims of nursing home abuse. We are top rated by our legal peers and clients as being efficient, dedicated nursing home abuse lawyers. Our firm has the necessary resources to stand up for you against the defendants – regardless of how big their company might be. Rest assured, we treat each and every client with the respect they deserve while at the same time ensuring maximum compensation is sought.

The Higgins Firm is committed to getting justice for victims of nursing home abuse. Put our experience on your side, call The Higgins Firm to speak with a Tennessee nursing home abuse lawyer.

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