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Madison County Nursing Homes

Madison County had an estimated 98,294 residents in 2010 and that number keeps growing. The county was founded in 1821 and was named after President James Madison. Madison County is home to Pinson Mounds, one of the largest mound complexes in the U.S. Madison County is also the county seat for Jackson, Tennessee. If you think that someone you care about has been the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect in Madison County or another Tennessee nursing home, you need to speak to a lawyer with the Higgins Firm right away. We will help you receive the compensation that may be rightfully yours for what your family has been through.

Nursing Homes in and Near Jackson, Tennessee

If you are thinking about having an elderly loved one live in one of the nursing homes in Madison County, you should go to this website where you can compare the ratings of each home. Some of the homes in Madison County that you may want to compare include:

  • Mission Convalescent Home
  • Forest Cove Nursing and Rehab Center
  • LaurelWood Healthcare Center
  • West TN Transitional Care
  • MapleWood Healthcare Center

If you decide on any of these local nursing homes or any other nursing home in Tennessee and discover any abuse or neglect going on, you should contact the Tennessee Department of Health and a nursing home lawyer with the Higgins Firm to get answers to any questions you may have.

What is Abuse and Neglect?

Nursing home abuse and neglect may be occurring at the same time but they are not the same thing. Abuse is any injury that occurs intentionally such as hitting, slapping, restraining, or punishing that leads to physical injuries. Neglect is when a nursing home fails to provide the care a resident needs to keep them from suffering. This occurs if a nursing home does not provide enough meals, medication, showers or does not act quickly in an emergency situation. Both abuse and neglect are serious and can be prevented if staff members receive proper training and are not overworked or stressed. If you notice signs of abuse or neglect such as scrapes, bruising, dirty clothes, your loved one being isolated or improperly fed while you are visiting them, you should alert the nursing home to the situation immediately.

If they fail to properly handle the situation, you can contact the Health Department or Adult Protective Services for the state of Tennessee and have them investigate the situation. You should also contact our office and one of our caring and skilled Tennessee nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers with the Higgins Firm will hear your claim. We know how important the care of your family is to you. We will determine if you may be eligible for compensation and if you are, we will work to see to it that you are compensated fairly for what your elderly loved one has suffered. We will also make sure the nursing home is held accountable and pays for their actions.

The Rights of Nursing Home Resident’s in Tennessee

In Tennessee, and every other state, all residents of a long term nursing home are legally protected under the 1987 Federal Nursing Home Reform Law, as well as state laws, and other legislation. Under these legal guidelines, nursing homes are entitled to rights such as:

  • To be treated with dignity and respect
  • To be given the opportunity to participate in his or her own care
  • To be granted confidentiality, privacy, and access to personal possessions
  • To receive visitors, or refuse them
  • To be made fully aware of all their rights
  • To be able to bring forth grievances and file complaints without fearing reprisal of any kind

As a Madison County nursing home abuse lawyer might explain to you, it is not often that an employee will go out of their way to remind residents of these rights. In the event that these rights are violated in any such way, legal action may be pursued.

Taking Action for Nursing Home Abuse in Madison County, TN

If a loved one has suffered from physical, mental, emotional, or financial abuse, or has otherwise had their rights violated, it is prudent to take action quickly. You are encouraged to talk to your loved one about what happened, gather as much information as possible, and call a nursing home abuse lawyer in Madison, County, Tennessee. In the event that signs of abuse are evident, and/or ongoing, you should protect your loved ones and remove them from the facility. You may also want to contact your local elder abuse hotline, adult protective services, or ombudsman. By reporting what happened, other victims may be saved from further abuse.

If your loved one has been abused or neglected in a Tennessee nursing home, a lawyer from The Higgins Firm may be able to ensure anyone negligent for what happened will never be able to harm another person again. A legal claim or lawsuit often helps victims to ensure they can make it through this troubled time and find a new, safe, and comfortable facility. For years, we at The Higgins Firm, have been helping victims of nursing home abuse. Find out how a Madison County, TN nursing home abuse lawyer may be able to help you too.

You can contact us online or by calling 800.705.2121 to discuss your case and any questions you might have.

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