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Zimmer Durom Cup Hip Replacement Systems

Have you been injured due to a problem with your Zimmer Durom Artificial Hip?

As we age, our hips and knees often wear out making it difficult to walk or move around like they once did. This means many people need artificial hips to get back to the activities they used to be able to do. The artificial hips such as the Zimmer Durom ones are meant to make getting around less painful. Unfortunately, items such as the Zimmer Durom hips may be designed poorly and can fail the people that need them. This typically means that these people need additional surgical procedures to fix the problem. This could also mean that they have sustained injuries due to the artificial hip problems. If you or someone you know had a surgical procedure for an artificial hip during 2006 and July of 2008, it is recommended that you speak to your doctor and the legal team at the Higgins Firm. We will review your case and any injuries you sustained and determine if you are eligible to receive damages for what you have been through.

How much is known about the Zimmer Durom Hips being Recalled?

Beginning in July of 2008, the Zimmer company, the biggest maker of replacement hips and other similar products in the country, made the announcement about the company's decision to suspend the selling of the implants due to an increased risk of the product failing. These products are hip replacements called Durom Cups. These products began selling in this country in 2006 and were given to approximately twelve thousand people. Physicians made complaints concerning the improper functioning of the product and felt that several patients would be required to have the product replaced later on.

The FDA heard several claims from physicians concerning the dangerous side effects including the risk of the product coming loose and moving around. The complaints began coming in shortly after Zimmer brought the products to the market in 2006. The company has not admitted their product has defects. The organization did claim doctors in the United States do not have skills needed to properly insert the Durom hips.

How can a defective products and Zimmer Durom Hip lawyer help with my claim?

If after having a surgical procedure for an artificial hip walking or moving around was really painful for you, you should speak to your physician about whether or not you received a Zimmer Durom hip and if you need additional surgical procedures to fix the problem. If this is the case, you should talk to a caring and knowledgeable member of our legal team with the Higgins Firm. We understand how confusing and complicated this process may be for you. We will answer any questions you may have. Then, our legal team will investigate your case and collect any information such as treatment and hospital bills, insurance that may be needed for your case. We will also consult with experts and anyone else that may be able to help your case. Our Chattanooga legal team will fight for you and see to it that you are fairly compensated for your injuries so you can focus on getting better.

Feel free to get in touch with online or by phone at 800.705.2121 to consult with us about your case and any questions you may have.

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