Which State Law Applies?

I live in Texas, drive a truck for an Alabama company and was injured in Tennessee. Which state do I look to for benefits under Workers Compensation?

Oftentimes it can be confusing as which state law applies in workers compensation cases. Since all state laws governing work comp are different it is very important to determine this. There are states that provide more under their Workers Compensation laws than Tennessee and some provide less. Usually we see this issue with someone whose job requires travel. Most often it is construction workers, sales employees and truck drivers who have this confusion. The best way to determine which state’s laws are best applied, generally it is important to know in which state the contract for hire occurred, where the employer and employee reside and the location of the injury. Usually we are able to determine the available state laws after these answers are gotten. We have clients throughout the United States who have Workers Compensation claims here in Tennessee. When a client is out of state, we coordinate everything from here in Tennessee and do everything we can to make the process as easy as possible for our client. Thanks to technology this process has become much easier. With the use of cell phones, emails and faxes we are able to communicate with our clients as easily as if they were just down the street.