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Types of Paralysis in Nashville

Paralysis can manifest itself in a couple different ways, both temporarily and permanently. It is always an inability to use some part or all of your body. It can also manifest itself as a loss of feeling in that part of the body. Different types of paralysis in Nashville include paraplegia, quadriplegia, and monoplegia. If you have suffered an injury that has resulted in paralysis, consult a dedicated paralysis attorney that could attempt to hold the responsible party accountable.

Different Kinds of Paralysis

The different types of paralysis in Nashville are defined by what area of the body is impacted. An injury involving both legs will be one definition, when other limbs are impacted there will be a different definition.

Paraplegia affects both of a person’s legs, while quadriplegia affects both of a person’s legs and their arms, so it is a complete neck down paralysis as opposed to only lower limbs. There is also monoplegia, which affects one or leg, and hemiplegia that is common in stroke victims.

Coping Mechanisms for Those With Paralysis

The coping mechanisms a person with paralysis may use vary, depending on the person because there are different types of paralysis in Nashville, and can have different consequences for an individual. However, most people go through somewhat of a pattern while they try to move forward. There is a grieving process similar to when you lose somebody. People often times rely heavily on their family and friends at the beginning to help get them through.

Taking Control of Life

One thing people do in order to move past the grieving stage is to attempt to take control of their lives, the best way they can. Victims educate themselves about their injury and examine their options of what they can reclaim of their life and their independence. They may seek out ramps for their homes or vehicles they are able to drive. Anything that can give them a form of control as they see it.

Talking About Their Paralysis

For many people an important way to cope is by talking about their disability. This is good not only for the person with the disability, but also as an educational tool for people who do not know the proper way to approach and interact with paralyzed people. In the end it helps them deal with it and helps their family members and friends deal with it too. Talking about it removes that awkwardness that could unfortunately be there.

Caring for Themselves

Feeling independent and capable is the biggest part of coping. It is important for people who suffer from paralysis, to feel like they can take care of themselves. Permanent paralysis will obviously require more help from others. At the end of the day, everyone wants to be able to take care of themselves and that is no different from somebody who has had a horrible injury.

Role of a Nashville Paralysis Attorney

Paralysis injury lawyers focus on obtaining as much money as possible for the victim of a paralysis injury so that that person can continue to live as normal of a life as possible. Lawyers cannot turn back time and remove the actual injury, but they can aid in putting the person is as comfortable of a financial situation as they can possibly be in.

Lawyers make sure the injured person is able to afford the medical devices they need, to make sure they can live as independently as possible. Any catastrophic injury lawyer’s main goal is to get that money for the injured person to make up for the financial and emotional damages that they are going to have as a result of the injury.

Qualities to Look for in a Nashville Paralysis Attorney

If you have been injured in an accident and are now paralyzed as a result, you will want a law firm that is big enough, and that has the resources and the financial power to handle these cases. Prior experience is important because these cases are complicated. It can be especially beneficial to work with an attorney that has handled cases involving the different types of paralysis in Nashville. You should work with a lawyer that has worked with experts that are familiar with these cases, has relationships with the experts in these cases such as life care planners, economists, or neurologist that can explain and put the case together.

Also on a personal level, it is important for you to feel comfortable working with your lawyer. You have to have confidence with the lawyer and have faith that that lawyer will make the proper decisions to enhance the chances of their case being successful. Work with a qualified lawyer that could pursue a positive outcome for you.

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