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Truck Accident

Have You or a Loved One Suffered Due To a Trucking Accident?

When we are driving on the road or the highway we all know about having to share the road with trucks. Some of these may be eighteen-wheelers, semi-trailer trucks, or even tractor-trailer truckers. Whatever the case may be we all know that we need trucks to help us move large amounts of supplies from one place to the next. This is not the problem. The problem occurs when one of these trucks collides with another vehicle causing an accident. Unfortunately, there are an estimated 500,000 trucking related accidents in the United States annually and 5,000 of these accidents result in a death. It is also unfortunate that in many cases the ones in the smaller vehicle are the ones most seriously injured or killed by these trucking accidents, while the ones in the truck are rarely harmed or only suffer minor injuries.

The Importance of “Why” in a Truck Accident Case.

It is always important to understand why an accident happens in any case but this is especially true in trucking accident cases.  Sometimes an accident is just that; an accident. However, often truck accidents occur because the driver is fatigued from driving too many hours or speeding in an effort to get a load delivered early.  Either of these factors can be a deadly combination.  By determining if the accident is a result of illegal driving we can hopefully shed some light on an industry wide problem and prevent similar accidents from happening.

What Regulations Apply To Driving a Truck on the Road?

Since trucks are bigger than your average size vehicle, there have been specific regulations and laws set in places that are only for those people driving a truck and not for other drivers on the road. In Tennessee and across the country these regulations and laws help truck drivers to make sure they are properly maintaining their vehicles and they have followed all rules regarding inspections and other regulations.

How Do These Regulations Help Tennessee Trucking Accident Attorneys with Their Case?

These regulations help provide the attorneys at the Higgins Firm with the vital information they need to help them determine how the accident actually happened. Attorneys at the Higgins Firm, such as attorney Jim Higgins, use this information to help give trucking accident victims like you, the information they need about their personal injury as it relates to the accident.

What Can The Higgins Firm Do To Help You If You Are the Victim of a Trucking Accident?

The Higgins Firm and our attorneys are experienced and care about finding the information needed to help you get the care and treatment you deserve. We understand the importance of getting the help you need to make sure you have the best recovery process possible. Also, the only fees are the ones that are automatically deducted from your settlement if we help you win your case. So, we do not get paid, unless you do. At The Higgins Firm, we believe in looking closely at our cases and working with any professionals needed in determining exactly how the accident occurred. If you or a loved one has suffered due to a trucking related accident, whether it be an 18-wheeler truck, a semi-truck, or a tractor-trailer, you should contact a Tennessee trucking accident or personal injury attorney right away. We will hear your case and help you get the care you deserve.

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