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Truck Driver Log Book Fraud

Truck drivers in the state of Tennessee as well as truck drivers all over the United States are required as part of their jobs to drive long hours and drive to several different locations in a very little amount of time. Professional truck drivers may be required to drive between 2,500 to 3,000 miles in a week. By law, truck drivers are allowed to work sixty hours a week or seventy hours in an eight day period. This amount of driving can lead to drivers getting very tired and causing accidents and injuring other drivers as well as themselves. There are certain guidelines truck drivers must follow when on the job such as correctly logging the amount of hours they spend on the road. However, all too often these rules get dismissed and log book fraud is committed. If you think that someone you care for has been injured in a truck accident because if log book fraud, then you should speak with a Tennessee truck driver log book fraud and personal injury lawyer right away. They will work with you to see to it that you get the compensation you need for your injuries.

What is considered a Log Book Violation for Truck Drivers?

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, all truck drivers with a valid license must keep proper records of their activities and locations within a day so they do not violate rules pertaining to the amount of time they are driving or on the job. A log book violation occurs if and when a truck driver:

  • Driving more than eleven hours without taking ten hours of rest
  • Driving more than fourteen hours after beginning a shift
  • Drives or works more than sixty hours in a week or seventy hours over eight days
  • Failing to keep accurate records of their hours
What Should I do if I Suspect Log Book Fraud Violations may have caused my Truck Accident?

Log book fraud is a big concern in the truck driving field. The only purpose of keeping fraudulent log books is to hide the driver’s operating time and the fact that he may be fatigued from driving too many hours. The truck company is sometimes involved in this log book fraud because they may encourage their drivers to drive hours past the limit in order to get jobs completed on time for their consumers. When log book fraud occurs it usually means that records are faked or that more than one record book is used so that it seems like the truck driver and company are following the law. If you suspect that log book fraud has taken place and that this may have been the cause of your truck accident and injuries, then you should contact an experienced and compassionate Tennessee truck wreck lawyers with the Higgins Firm. We care about our clients and will hold the truck company responsible for their violations and work with you to get the compensation you may be entitled to for what you have suffered.

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