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Tennessee Rollover Accident Lawyer

A rollover accident is where a car crash occurs and the vehicle rolls over or tips onto either its side or its roof. Rollover accidents have a high fatality rate because they are very dangerous and generally involve high-speed accidents.

If you have been seriously injured in a car accident, it is crucial that you consult with a Tennessee rollover accident lawyer as soon as possible. An experienced attorney will be able to gather all the necessary evidence to produce a strong claim on your behalf to help recover any potential damages.

Common Fact Patterns

There are a few common causes of rollover accidents in Tennessee. The first type of accident is a single car accident where there is a rollover. Those are usually the result of somebody making a high-speed turn, or potentially bad road conditions.

People may also be either tired or fatigued and end up leaving the roadway. Perhaps their car goes off the roadway or they lose control of their vehicle. Sometimes, car rollover accidents are caused by tire failures, a blowout, or multi-car accidents where there is more than one car involved in a rollover. They are usually side-impact or T-bone accidents where someone was struck on the side of their car causing the vehicle to rollover.

Severity of the Accident

The problem with rollover accidents is that cars are obviously designed to be driven on their wheels. When the vehicle rolls over, the roof may crash, and the windows or seat belts may fail. If any of those things happen, the injuries that an individual can sustain in a rollover accident can be tremendous, from fatalities to paralysis to people being thrown from the vehicle.

A rollover accident is one of the most dangerous automobile accidents that can take place. The severity of these injuries cement the necessity of a Tennessee rollover accident attorney to help effectively pursue damages.

The biggest risk associated with rollover accidents is the potential for catastrophic injuries. These can include someone having a broken neck or paralysis from the roof crashing or being ejected from the vehicle.

Safety Tips

Even though rollover accidents are the most severe, the safety tips are going to be the same for avoiding most car accidents, which is simply safe driving. A person wants to make sure if the weather is bad, that a person takes appropriate precautions to slow down or avoid slip conditions. If it is icy, an individual should watch their speed.

Further, it is important that an individual makes sure that their tires are in good condition. Rollovers are often caused from tire blowouts, so a person wants to make sure that a person has got plenty of tread on their tires.

Causes of an Accident

No matter how safe a person tries to be, there are always accidents that occur and there can always be a rollover accident that occurs. An individual cannot always avoid a reckless driver or a drunk driver, and if there is going to be hard side impact, a person may be a rollover victim no matter how safe the injured party is driving.

Unseen obstacles are also difficult to avoid. A deer or a child running out in front of the car can cause an individual to swerve, producing a rollover accident. It is hard to prepare for an event like that.

A vehicle malfunction such as a tire blowout or a defective tire can also cause a rollover, making it crucial to make sure the vehicle is checked regularly. A Tennessee rollover accident lawyer can best assist an individual on any precautionary tips that may prevent such an accident.

Documenting an Accident

When building a case, a rollover accident attorney in Tennessee will want to make sure that there was a police report. It is very important that an individual take photos or videos of the accident to best document the situation.

If a Tennessee rollover accident lawyer thinks that it was a de-tread or a tire blow out because of a defective tire, they want to save that whole vehicle, the tire, and get that tire to an expert quickly to see if the cause of the accident was a defective tire or what is called a product liability claim.

Benefits of a Lawyer

A Tennessee rollover accident attorney is going to make sure that liability is established by preserving all evidence. That can be in the form of a witness statement, preserving a tire if it had blown out, or gathering photographs and videos at the scene.

Next, a lawyer will put together a package or list of all the damages that the client sustained, whether that be the cost of fixing their car, medical bills, lost wages, or the cost of future surgeries. All of these elements will help the client to recover more significant damages.

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