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Tennessee Rental Car Accident Lawyer

As defined by Tennessee law, a rental car will be any car that an individual pays money to drive for a specific, generally short, period of time. The classification of a car can change between rental types. Someone may have a commercial rental, which can be a vehicle like a truck for business or commonly just pleasure. Anyone who finds themselves in an accident involving a rented vehicle should contact a skilled car accident attorney right away. A Tennessee rental car accident lawyer can help you seek the damages you deserve. 

Common Accident Fact PatternsThe most common fact patterns include being hit by someone who was in a rental car because they just did not know where they were going. They probably rented the car and they are visiting wherever and they are trying to figure out directions and they got in an accident. That is probably the most common fact pattern we see.Do Injuries often Differ from other Car Accidents?

Car accidents consist of the same injuries in rental car accidents. Common injuries could be anything from broken bones to somebody having a back injury or brain injury. It can be a severe accident or a normal accident. The fact that a rental car was involved generally does not play a role in the injuries.

Impact of Renting Timeframe

There is not a real big differentiation under Tennessee law between short term rental and long term rental cars. A lot of these short-term rentals are from just general rental car places. That is what people relate to most just for average purposes.

Role of Insurance in Rental Car Accidents

Unless the rental car has been driven by one of its employees, insurance should not differ between rental and owned car accidents. In early 2000, there was a federal law was passed called the Graves Amendment. The law states that rental car companies are not liable for accidents that were committed by a person driving one of the rental cars, that they will not be seen as an agent or vicariously liable for that driver. The rental car company has no liability unless it is their employee or unless they rented it to a person that they knew did not have a license or was intoxicated or something like that, a direct negligence claim, but that is rare.

Benefit of an Attorney

Renting a car can be stressful, whether it be for travel or temporary transportation. You should speak with a Tennessee rental car accident lawyer about how to proceed after the collision has occurred. They can help you assess what evidence can be useful when presenting a claim to the court. Contact an attorney after seeking immediate medical attention to support your recovery.

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