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Tennessee Interstate Accidents

As the major cities in Tennessee continue to grow, there are more and more accidents on the interstates. Merging into Nashville, there are three different interstates. There is I-24 East and I-24 West, as well as Interstate 40 or I-40 and I-65.

Individuals are commuting each day from surrounding cities such as Franklin, Dickson, Murfreesboro, Clarksville, or Hendersonville. Since there are a lot of big communities around Nashville who use these interstates, it can become quite congested in the morning. Law enforcement tends to see a good amount of accidents around the commuting hours.

If you have been involved in a Tennessee interstate accident and are weighing your legal options, it is important to consult with an attorney as soon as possible. A Tennessee car accident lawyer can build a case to help you recover any potential damages you may be entitled to.

Interstate vs. Standard Street Accidents

When tending to a car accident, law enforcement tends to have more access while on an interstate than a standard street. Such accidents can occur on several of the main turnpikes or interstates in the area, such as Briley Parkway, Old Hickory Boulevard, Murfreesboro Pike, Brandy Lane, James Robinson Parkway, and Gallatin Pike.

Every morning on the traffic reports, a person will hear many of these interstates repeated as a major source of Tennessee interstate accidents. It is simply that there are just more people on those roads that an incident may occur. There is more stop-and-go traffic.

The additional risk one may face in an accident happening on a Tennessee interstate as opposed to an accident that occurs on a side street is that an interstate accident has the potential of causing more accidents. Such accidents can sometimes cause more accidents, leading to a multicar collision.

Further, an accident that occurs on an interstate often has the potential for garnering more witnesses. Due to the congestion on such roads, Tennessee interstate accident tend to have plenty of witnesses to recall what happened to the individual involved in the accident.

Initial Steps to Take

After being involved in a Tennessee interstate accident, it is important to get medical care immediately if anyone is involved and needs it. Next, it is important to get to a safe place if a person is on one of these major interstates.

Also, an individual should gather information on who the other driver is, such as any insurance information. It is important that the individual involved give the other driver their information as well. An individual should take photographs of everything, call the police, and wait for law enforcement to arrive.

Common Fact Patterns

The most common fact patterns involved in Tennessee interstate accidents are stop-and-go accidents. Somebody will stop, the car behind them may be looking at their phone, they are distracted or just not paying attention, and they rear-end the individual in front of them. Most of the accidents that occur on Tennessee interstates are rear-end accidents.

Any individual who has been involved in a Tennessee interstate accident should not hesitate before consulting with an experienced car accident attorney who can build a case specifically to their client’s needs and expectations.

Heightened Speeds

When a person increases their speed, it gives everyone less reaction time. The faster a vehicle travels, if people are tailgating, the more likely it is that an accident will occur. These accidents often result in severe damages.

Heightened speed limits can also make it so that it is more difficult to reach a safe space after being involved in an accident. There are many cases where somebody will be involved in an accident and they are alright on the interstate, but then are involved in a second accident because they are not able to get to the shoulder.

The biggest thing is to make sure the individual and the other person involved in the accident are safe.

Location of the Accident

Depending on the location of the Tennessee interstate accident, it can be more difficult for emergency vehicles to get there. This often depends on the amount of traffic at the time. It is also sometimes difficult to craft a strong accident report because there is pressure to clear the roadway.

There can be thousands of vehicles trying to get to work, home, or a variety of other locations. This puts a lot of pressure on the scene.

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