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Symptoms of a Nashville Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury (“TBI”) is usually an acute event when somebody has had an impact, loss of oxygen or other immediate damage to someone’s brain. In the past, it was thought that traumatic brain injury was whenever someone is in a coma or if they become paralyzed because of the brain injury that they had.

However, symptoms of a Nashville traumatic brain injury can include ailments that people may not consider. Therefore, it can be critical to contact a distinguished traumatic brain injury attorney following an accident.

Classifying Associated Brain Injury Symptoms

Over the past several years there has been a lot of attention given to concussions in the NFL for concussions in college football. People understand more in a public range that it is not always that severe. Symptoms of a Nashville traumatic brain injury may not appear for days, weeks or months following an accident.

What used to be categorized as a minor concussion can have a long-term impact on a mild traumatic brain injury. Traumatic injuries can be as simple as headaches, nausea, personality changes, and dizziness.

Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Most traumatic brain injuries occur as a result of the impact in a vehicular collision. Meaning, the individual sustained severe head trauma during the collision.

Typical Locations Linked with Brain Accidents

Old construction sites are common locations for people being struck by objects. An example is a welder dropped a large piece of iron and a person was walking below him had not been sufficiently warned about the overhead work. Things get dropped and objects collide with people on a construction site, as well as a lot of falls. There are falls by elderly people who live in a nursing home or system living facility; or even people at a grocery store where they fall and hit their head, creating a traumatic brain injury.

What are Some Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury?

Symptoms of a Nashville traumatic brain injury depend on the type of brain injury or the severity of the brain injury. Symptoms could be severe and immediate and the injured person may be in a coma and unable to speak.

Usually, a family member could contact an attorney about their loved one receiving an injury to their head and is not acting right. This could be a change in sleep pattern such as sleeping all the time or not sleeping at all. They might have dizziness and be light-headed. Some people can be easily distracted or perhaps incur personality changes.

People sometimes get increased sensitivity to light or sounds, lose their sense of smell or taste, or suffer nausea. When a brain suffers damage, it can create a myriad of problems in a person.

Living With a Brain Injury

Any sudden blow to the head, or otherwise traumatic brain injury, can result in devastating symptoms. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that brain injuries contribute to up to 30 percent of injury-related deaths. As a Nashville traumatic brain injury lawyer, we know of many victims who survived a brain injury, but suffered lasting impairments and disabilities.

Although some victims of a brain injury indeed recover after a few months, others will never fully recover. No two brain injuries are ever exactly alike. Some victims may suffer from severe impaired memory, but notice very little of any other effects. Others may struggle to move, think, feel, or function. The symptoms of a brain injury can significantly impact the victim and his or her family.

How a victim will be able to cope and function after a traumatic brain injury largely depends on the location and severity of the trauma. For example, if the temporal lobe is injured, the victim’s memory may be hindered, or they may no longer be able to understand language. When the frontal lobe is damaged, the victim might struggle to control their emotions or speech.

Regardless of what part of the brain was injured, any brain injury can present a number of challenges. Most of these injuries are very slow to heal, and even with the right medical care, many of the symptoms won’t completely go away. As a Nashville traumatic brain injury lawyer might explain to you, most victims will need to find a way to integrate the injury into their life. Physical, speech, and occupational therapists are often recommended for they can help victims cope with the symptoms and altered abilities. In addition to ongoing therapy visits, most victims will need ongoing rehabilitation, medical care, and periodic neurological testing.

The costs of a brain injury can be in the six figures. Paying for them may feel impossible. This is why any victim of a brain injury is encouraged to reach out to a Nashville traumatic brain injury lawyer, such as The Higgins Firm, for advice and legal counsel.

Benefit of an Attorney

If you or a loved one have suffered what you think are symptoms of a Nashville traumatic brain injury, it can be critical to reach out to an experienced attorney about the compensation you can obtain. Pursuing damages for the injuries a negligent party has caused you can give you peace of mind and help you on your road to recovery.

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