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Road Construction Site Accidents

Tennessee Dangerous Construction Zone Lawyers

We usually all know that construction is taking place when we see orange cones or barrels on the highways typically during the summer months. We may shake our heads or complain about the construction but many of us probably are not aware of the amount of construction zone accidents, injuries, and even deaths that occur each year. These injuries can involve several people including construction workers, drivers, or even people walking by or through a construction zone. If you or someone you love has been injured or died in an accident involving a construction zone, it is important that you talk to a construction zone lawyer at the Higgins Firm. We will listen to your claim, address any concerns you may have and work with you to see to it that you get any compensation you deserve.

What type of dangers can construction zones cause for drivers?
  • Lanes typically have limited space during construction- Construction zones often use cones, barrels or other equipment and this means that people driving will often have limited space to move on the road and also around other vehicles. This may increase the risk for certain types of car accidents such as a vehicle hitting another as it passes by or colliding with other vehicle during a traffic jam.
  • • Missing or obstructed road markings and signs- During construction, there is often a large amount of dirt or dust covering the road or certain road signs. This can lead to accidents because drivers can become confused about where their lane is and may crash into other vehicles.
  • • Large construction equipment or tools- Many of us know that there will be large equipment or tools used in a construction zone. However, as drivers it is sometimes difficult to determine when the equipment is moving in or out of the zone or where they are going. This confusion along with addition of large equipment can cause accidents and injuries to occur not only for drivers but possibly for construction workers as well.
  • • Construction workers standing in the road- Construction workers are often standing in the middle of the road or even off to the side. If a driver happens to not be paying close enough attention they can hit a worker causing an injury or crash into another vehicle while trying to avoid the worker.
  • • Road obstructions such as cones, barrels, wood, rocks or piles of dirt- Construction zones are usually messy and chaotic. If a driver is trying to avoid one or more of these obstacles they may not be paying attention to another vehicles which can lead to a crash. Also, a driver may accidentally hit a construction worker if they are busy to trying to avoid other items that are in the road. This can lead to serious injuries or even death.
What should I do if I have been involved in a construction related accident?

The first thing you should do if you have been injured in a construction related accident is to seek medical attention for any injuries you may have. It is also a good idea if possible to take pictures of the construction zone or any injuries you have. Also, you should keep any paperwork about your medical care. These types of cases can be very complicated, so it is recommended that you contact a knowledgeable and caring construction zone lawyer at the Higgins Firm. We understand how confusing this process may be for you. We will look at any evidence you have as well as gather any additional evidence, witness statements or medical expert advice that may be needed in your case. We will fight to make sure you not only receive compensation for your injuries but that the party responsible is held accountable for their actions.

You can contact us online or by calling 800.705.2121 to discuss your case and any questions you might have.

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