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Have You Been the Subject of Retaliation on the Job?

Every worker deserve to be treated with respect and dignity on the job. Every worker also has the right to report the unlawful actions of a company or its employee without worrying about being fired, harassed, or demoted. If you or someone you care about has been subject to any of these situations after reporting unlawful actions about your workplace, then you should contact a Tennessee Employment lawyer at The Higgins Firm right away.

How do I Know if I am Facing Retaliation on the Job?

Retaliation is basically being discriminated against while you are at work. This type of discrimination is likely not based on race, gender, or any other status but is the result of a company or supervisor being cruel to a worker for the worker’s action. Typical cases of retaliation include a worker reporting illegal actions of a company or supervisor which may include:

  • Inappropriate sexual behavior
  • Reporting discrimination against someone based on race, gender or other status
  • Taking leave for having or adopting a baby
  • Reporting corrupt actions like fraud or other misconduct

How can I be Protected from Retaliation?

If you have reported illegal practices within your company then Tennessee laws and court rooms will find in favor of people offering documented proof of “unfavorable” actions by supervisors or the company they work for. It is usually easier to prove retaliation actions if they happened because of protected practices, meaning personal involvement with the illegal action. Cases where this might happen may include:

  • Refusing to follow rules discriminating against someone based on their age, gender, religion, or other status
  • Talking to a lawyer or another agency about illegal practices
  • Refusing to participate in or informing someone about practices that violate government rules

Is Termination From my Job Considered Retaliation?

Unfortunately retaliation actions can be hard to verify. Cases involving retaliation require establishing a cause and effect. You must establish that your supervisor was not already planning to fire you. Your employment status must also reflect that any adverse employment was a sudden action. The cause of the retaliation must also be because you reported illegal activities, spoke to an attorney, or refused to be part of illegal practices.
It is a good thing if you report illegal practices if you are a worker with a poor employment history. However, if your supervisor had already been planning on firing you before retaliation, you will be less likely to win your case. Your employment history is crucial to your case.

Does a Specific Type of Retaliation Entitle me to Compensation?

In Tennessee, the federal court requires claims of retaliation to be material in nature. This means that a worker must have participated in an action protected by retaliation laws and received a reduction in pay or no pay because of the retaliation. It is also important to have documents showing your supervisor intended to fire you or deny you incentives as part of retaliation.
If you have been fired, forced to take a suspension, pay cut, or have been denied certain incentives after reporting an illegal action regarding your company, then you may be entitled to compensation and the recovery of your position at work. We recommend you contact one of our experienced and caring Tennessee employment attorneys immediately. We will hear your case and make sure you get the compensation and treatment that is rightfully yours.

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