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Prescription Drug Dangers

After three years of litigation, a $64 million class-action settlement
reimburses parents who were misled about the effectiveness and dangers of

These parents will receive full compensation from GlaxoSmithKline for what
they paid for the drug (out-of-pocket expenses), a rarity in these kinds of
dangerous drug medication cases in which victims usually can only receive a
percentage of what they lost.

Paxil was promoted as a drug to fix teenage depression. It leads to suicidal
thoughts. GlaxoSmithKline, the company who produces Paxil, made over $500
million in just its sells to minors.

The Paxil settlement allows anyone with a personal injury claim, such as
parents of a child who took his or her own life, to still sue.

To bring things home, Tennessee is no stranger to suicide and
antidepressents. As I’ve blogged about previously, more Tennesseans die
every year from suicide than from drunk-driving, homicide, or AIDS-an
estimated 750 people take their own life every year in The Volunteer State.

Even more live plagued by depression and suicidal thoughts.

Earlier this month FDA urged antidepressant pharmaceutical companies that
warnings on their drugs (including Paxil) should expand to include adults
ages 18 to 24 for the risks of suicidal thoughts and behavior. It is
interesting an extra six years have been added-and interesting that’s the

The deadline to file claims for reimbursement is Aug. 31. Information for
submitting a claim can be found at or by
calling the toll-free hot line, 1-866-494-8404.

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