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Parking Lot Accidents

Parking Lot Accident Lawyer Nashville, TN

In the United States, one in five car accidents occur in a parking lot. This accounts for nearly 14% of all vehicular accidents each year. Although a majority of these accidents are minor and involve limited damage to a car, some result in moderate to severe or life threatening injuries.

Meet The Higgins Firm

As a parking lot accident lawyer in Nashville, TN, we have successfully won a broad range of parking lot accident cases. Many of these involved injured pedestrians who were the unfortunate victim after being hit by a car. Even at low speeds, the injuries can be significant and have a devastating effect on a person’s life.

The Higgins Firm empathizes with the victims of parking lot accidents. Guided by a tenacious drive to get the results our clients are looking for and decades of experience, we are recognized as being one of the leading parking lot accident lawyers in Tennessee.

When you choose The Higgins Firm to be your legal advocate you can feel confident in knowing your case will be in good hands. We will investigate the accident to determine the answers to important questions; such as, who was at fault, what happened, and why. If you were injured in a parking lot, please call a parking lot accident lawyer in Nashville, TN now.

The Dangers of Parking Lots

Parking lots can be dangerous for a number of reasons, but usually the danger arises from the inability for motorists or pedestrians to adequately see others walking or driving. It is common for both parties to feel a false sense of security in believing they are okay to move even though their visibility may be limited. For example, a driver or a pedestrian might assume the nearby party will move slow, or will stop; this is not always true. For this reason, parking lot accidents are very common across the United States.

Steps to Take Following a Parking Lot Accident

Both accidents that occur on a public road and in a parking lot are largely similar. For example, in either scenario your primary concern should be your own safety and the safety of everyone else involved. Likewise, you should call the police and your insurance company. Finally, it is advisable to not leave the scene of the accident. Doing so could result in criminal charges against you.

Despite these similarities, parking lot accidents can be different. The first thing to understand is that most parking lots are privately owned. When this is true, and an accident occurs, the rules and procedures may change. These can be further explained to you by a Tennessee parking lot accident lawyer from The Higgins Firm. One factor a lawyer may consider is the defendants’ own negligence, as well as, whether the injured party might also be accountable. In addition to this, the liability of the parking lot owner may be assessed. If the parking lot lacked sufficient lighting or had damages to the pavement, the owner of the parking lot could be liable.

What You Should Not Do After a Parking Lot Accident

If you were in a parking lot accident, it is recommended that you consider the following tips:

  • Avoid accepting any fault – even if you believe you are partially to blame
  • Avoid speaking with the other party’s insurance company
  • Remain as calm as possible
  • Get medical attention right away
  • Call a parking lot accident lawyer

Do I Need to Call the Police After a Parking Lot Accident?

Depending on the jurisdiction, police may not come to private property; this may include a parking lot. If the police do not show up, you should call them to make an official record. It may be possible to go to the police station and file your own report.

Common Reasons for Parking Lot Accidents to Occur

As a parking lot accident lawyer in Nashville, TN, there can be any number of collisions to occur. However, in parking lots, most accidents happen because of:

  • Distracted driving
  • Talking on or using a phone
  • Failure to pay attention
  • Blind spots
  • Loss of vehicular control
  • Backing up into another person
  • Swinging too wide to park
  • Failure to look
  • Failure to signal
  • Obstacles in the parking lot
  • Broken pavement
  • Poor lightening
  • Parking lot defects

At The Higgins Firm, even the slightest of injury, such as a broken arm, can have a significant impact on your life. On the other hand, a serious injury may change the way you have to live. Regardless of what happened, if you believe negligence was the result of your parking lot accident, you should ask a lawyer to review your case.

The Higgins Firm: Nashville, Tennessee Parking Lot Lawyers

Whether you were a pedestrian, passenger or driver and was injured in a parking lot accident, lawyers at The Higgins Firm would like to speak with you. We’ll evaluate the facts and ensure all parties responsible own up to their wrongful actions.

To schedule a free consultation with a Nashville parking lot lawyer, please call The Higgins Firm at (615) 219-4494

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