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Overtime Claims

What can Tennessee Residents Expect for Extra Hours Worked?

Many of us right here in Tennessee and across the country put in long hours at work. We do this because we need the money to help support our families and ourselves. This is why it is important that we get paid for the extra hours we put into our work. If you not get paid time and a half for the extra hours worked during a workweek, then you should seek the legal advice and help of a Tennessee Employment Attorney who specializes in compensation cases. We can help you with your case to make sure you get the money that you deserve.

When can an Employee Qualify for Overtime during a Workweek?

Tennessee law states that any employee who is paid by the hour qualifies for extra payment for any time they work more than a forty-hour workweek. This does not include extra time for lunch and two short breaks. Any employer that does not pay their employees extra payment for extra hours worked is violating Tennessee law. However, an employer does not have to give any employee extra hours and does not have to pay them for time they did actually perform their duties on the job. Under Tennessee law, which includes the Wage Regulation Act, an employer must inform their employee of their rights and their wages before being hired. This regulation also prohibits a supervisor from cutting wages because a worker was late or did not perform certain job requirements. A supervisor is also required by Tennessee law to document the number of hours an employee worked, including extra hours, for breaks and meetings. People in health positions may follow a different payment program, and therefore these requirements may not apply to them.

Do Salaried Positions Get Extra Payment for Extra Hours?

The answer is yes, especially if their position does not require the extra time they may have put into the position. However, to qualify for this specific type of payment (i.e. non-hourly pay), these workers should make less than a certain amount of money and are expected to have certain job requirements. Health and emergency employees however are not covered by these regulations. Also, employers are not allowed to give employees certain titles to avoid extra payment. What work is required for a salaried position? A supervisor is expected to be responsible for at least two employees. An administrative position requires that the person have some say in an action that affects the company or business. If you make less than a certain amount and you do not handle supervising or administrative tasks, then you may be able to get extra money for extra hours worked in a workweek.

How do Supervisors Avoid Extra Pay Requirements for their Workers?

One trick supervisors may use is shorter workweeks (i.e. less than seven days). Another trick is changing your schedule or giving you a role or title that does not fit with your on the job duties. Tennessee law does not allow an employer to terminate an employee for speaking up about an unlawful payment situation. If you or a loved one suspects that your payment requirements have been unlawful or disrespected, we encourage you to contact a Tennessee Employment attorney at The Higgins Firm immediately. We have the knowledge and experience to help you win your case and get you the extra money you are entitled to for the extra work that you do.

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