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Nursing Home Neglect Bed Sore Cases

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No one likes to think about someone else caring for their elderly loved one. However, sometimes this is the best option for their health, safety and well-being as well as for you. It is important to choose a nursing home with a good rating, good staff and training procedures in place. Nursing homes that do not have these are more likely to have residents that develop bed sores due to neglect. The Centers for Disease Control found that one in ten residents in a nursing home suffer with bed and pressure sores and health issues related to these sores. If someone you love has a bed sore and you think the nursing home may be to blame, you should talk to a nursing home neglect and bed sore lawyer with the Higgins Firm. We will make sure you get any compensation you may be entitled to for any injuries your loved one may have.

What are some medical conditions that can develop as the result of a bed sore?

A bed sore or pressure sore may start off small as an ulcer on the skin due to that part of the body being in the same position for too long. If a bed or pressure sore is left untreated however, it can advance to several stages to lead to other medical conditions such as:

  • Cancer- if a bed sore is advanced it can become a squamous cell carcinoma which is a form of cancer that can be destructive and require a surgical procedure.
  • Serious infections of the bones or joints such as septic arthritis which can severely damage tissue and impair the movement of bones and joints.
  • Serious bacterial infections of the blood that can lead to possible organ failure.
  • Inflammation of connective tissues known as Cellulitis which can lead to the development of meningitis.

What are some ways in which bed sores can be prevented?

There are many things nursing homes can and should do in order to prevent bed sores from developing. Some of these things may include but are not limited to:

  • helping a resident change their position every couple hours
  • helping residents lie down at different angles to prevent bed sores from developing on their hips or butt.
  • Using equipment such as special mattresses to relieve pressure for residents
  • making sure to check a resident’s skin and problem areas on a regular basis to look for any signs of a developing bed or pressure sore.
  • Making sure a resident’s skin is kept clean and dry
  • Making sure the resident is getting the nutrition and vitamins they need to keep them healthy and better able to resist developing a bed sore
  • Helping the resident to move around or exercise daily in order to prevent bed sores

What can I do if I think a nursing home’s negligence led to a bed sore?

When you are visiting your loved one in the nursing home if you see a bed sore or signs that one may be developing you should notify the nursing home about your concerns. Other things you can do to help your case include getting pictures of the sores and writing down any dates. You can also ask the nursing home for paperwork about any sores they noticed or any incidents that may have occurred. Finally, you can also ask about the bed sore and any explanation the nursing home may have and write down any notes. Then, it is a good idea to contact a nursing home neglect and bed sore attorney at the Higgins Firm. We will review your case and any notes you may have as well as help you gather any additional evidence and paperwork needed for your claim. We will then fight for you and help you receive any compensation that is rightfully yours by law for the nursing home’s negligence.

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