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Nursing Home Abuse: Meeting with Your Tennessee Attorney

The Higgins Firm offers potential clients a free initial consultation in order to help begin the process of pursuing a claim against a Tennessee nursing home. While your initial meeting with a lawyer is the first step, there are several preparations that need to be made in advance of this meeting.

First and foremost, it is extremely important to clearly explain the nature of your relationship to the injured nursing home resident. Your lawyer needs to fully understand why you are the one seeking legal assistance and why the resident is not doing so on his or her own behalf. Is the resident unable to be there? Why? Are you a family member? Are you a friend? How long have you known the resident? Be prepared to answer these types of questions.

If the resident is not present, there are certain legal issues that may arise. Your Tennessee nursing home attorney will need to ensure that you have legal authority to act on the resident’s behalf and that you understand the legal ramifications of your actions. If the resident is currently residing in a nursing home, your lawyer will need to know who, if anyone, has power of attorney over the resident. If you have power of attorney, you should bring any documentation that establishes your authority. If the resident is deceased, your attorney will need to know who has been named the executor of his or her will. Again, if you are the executor, be sure to bring any documents that prove this to your consultation.

Come to your initial consultation prepared to make a good first impression. This meeting is not just a time for the lawyers to evaluate your claim, but it is also a time for the lawyers to evaluate you as a potential client. Be on time, be honest, be forthright, and be prepared to discuss the details of your claim. This is the best way to leave The Higgins Firm with a positive impression.

Preparing yourself for the emotional toll of this process is another way you can prepare for your first meeting with one of The Higgins Firm attorneys. Nursing home abuse is a very emotional subject and many clients are not prepared to handle the emotional aspect of suing a nursing home. Think critically about whether or not you are ready and able to handle your emotions as you move forward with your potential case.

Finally, it is important for you to come to your meeting prepared to ask questions of your own. While our lawyers will certainly lead the conversation and will have several, very precise questions prepared to ask you, the initial consultation is also a time for you to learn more about the process and the attorneys involved. Furthermore, remember that anything you say during this meeting will remain confidential, as it is protected under Tennessee’s attorney-client privilege. Therefore, you should feel free to be candid and open with your lawyer during the consultation.

The attorneys at The Higgins Firm are both experienced and dedicated. They have years of experience litigating nursing home abuse and neglect claims and they are dedicated to protecting the rights of those injured by the abuse and neglect of medical professionals charged with their well-being. Our lawyers will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. To schedule your free initial consultation, contact The Higgins Firms today.

Client Reviews
When my mother was neglected in a nursing home I was referred to The Higgins Firm for help. They did a great job representing my family and obtained a significant settlement. Hopefully, this will keep someone else's parent from being mistreated in the future. Angie S.
I have a large collection practice and don't handle personal injury cases. Instead of simply declining a case, I referred it to The Higgins Firm. They handled everything. My client got a large recovery and I got a large co-counsel fee. The client and I were both very happy. Attorney Bo Melton
The best injury lawyers in Nashville. They represented my son in a car accident case and did an awesome job. James D.