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Nashville Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment

Traumatic brain injuries or TBI can have serious implications. Injuries can result in mild conditions like confusion and memory loss, or more severe conditions like limited cognitive function and limited language. If you have been injured in a catastrophic incident and sustained a TBI, speak with a compassionate traumatic brain injury lawyer. Your attorney could help you recover damages and receive the Nashville traumatic brain injury treatment that you deserve.

How Treatment Differ Between Types of TBIs

Nashville traumatic brain injury treatment can vary depending on the type of brain injury. There are as many different types of treatment for brain injuries as there are classifications of brain injuries.

For example, when someone has a primary catastrophic impact and an obvious brain injury, then the initial treatment is going to be stabilizing the individual and getting them to the ER, hopefully reducing any symptoms that the brain is going through because of the injury.

Treatment for Acute Traumatic Brain Injury

If someone has sustained an acute traumatic brain injury, they will need surgical treatment that will hopefully help prevent a continuation of problems arising from the injury. It really just depends on the severity of the injury, how well that person responds to treatment, and the follow-up rehab. There are numerous treatments for numerous different types of brain injuries.

Rehabilitative Treatment

Rehabilitative treatment is often the next step. Rehabilitation involves helping that patient restore their activities of daily living, helping that patient recognize the problems that might come up soon in the future, educating the family of that victim on what to look for, and educating the family on how they help them through all of the different problems of a traumatic brain injury.

Common Treatment Protocols Following Injury

If there is clotting, the ER physicians are going to remove to try and remove or control the clot, repair skull fractures, and relieve any type of pressure there may be on the brain. The first thing a person should do is get to that emergency treatment, call the ambulance, and get to the hospital. They will walk that person through the types of Nashville traumatic brain injury treatment available.

Importance of Working With an Attorney Familiar With TBI

Lawyers that do not handle a lot of these cases only know to look for the moderate to severe brain injuries. They only recognize the brain injury if a person is comatose, has a severe sensory loss, or has motor function loss, and they do not understand the nuances of how life-changing and traumatic a mild brain injury can be. More experienced attorneys can often recognize symptoms from a mild traumatic brain injury that an MRI and a normal CT scan may not reveal. Or, they may have access to experts that can explain how a person’s makeup, functional thinking, and brain activity have changed due to this mild injury.

It is important to work with an attorney that has good relationships with medical experts. The lawyer has to understand the lifelong impact of a brain injury and they have to be able to work with the family to be able to come in front of a jury or judge and explain how even a mild brain injury can have serious implications

Role of a Nashville Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

A traumatic brain injury attorney has many roles when building your personal injury claim. One of their primary roles is assembling the right team and putting the right evidence together, in order to build your case. In helping people obtain the necessary monetary damages, lawyers may work with economists, vocational experts, and healthcare professionals. These experts can explain your injuries and also quantify the damage that you may have sustained as a result of your injury. They can also explain which Nashville traumatic brain injury treatment is best and determine how long someone needs treatment for, and how much they must recover in their case, in order to pay for treatment. Speak with an experienced traumatic brain injury attorney that could advocate for you.

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