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Nashville Traumatic Brain Injury Conditions

A severe TBI can disrupt any of a person's functions because the brain controls everything. It can create a loss of vision, paralysis, inability to breathe on their own, it can affect any area of the body. It may be critical to speak with an experienced catastrophic injury attorney about how to sue for Nashville traumatic brain injury conditions. 

Common Injuries After a Traumatic Brain Accident

Nashville traumatic brain injury conditions can impact the way someone functions daily. For example, a frontal lobe or forehead injury usually causes loss of movement in the body parts such as paralysis or the inability to multitask. 

Damage to other parts of the brain can have defects in vision which means a cut in one's field of vision or inability to recognize faces or understand spoken words.

Some people lose their ability to coordinate their fine movements, reach out and grab things or suffer from tremors. These are a broad spectrum of injuries or conditions as a result of traumatic brain injuries.

What Psychological Conditions Can Occur as a Result of TBI?

The psychological conditions could be considered far more devastating than the physical conditions. Doctors recognize that more now, especially with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (“PTSD”).  The Nashville traumatic brain injury conditions that cause PTSD can cause people people to suffer from depression and anxiety.

Family members of the injured person may describe the symptoms for them as they might lose flexibility of thinking. Some injured people say they are easy to anger due to their frustrations with their injuries. Injured people (and their families) also complain of their memory loss.

Related Neurological Conditions Following Traumatic Injuries

Commonly, Nashville traumatic brain injury conditions depend on what part of the brain is injured in the accident. Some people who had phantom pain and sensory changes such the inability to taste or smell, see, or hear. However, memory loss may be one of the bigger neurological conditions. These are typical TBI symptoms from a neurological standpoint.

Seeking the Help of an Attorney

A person who suffers from Nashville traumatic brain injury conditions should have an experienced lawyer to look into a lawsuit for them. These cases are difficult to put together, but an experienced lawyer that understands brain injuries, who has experts that know how to test brain injuries, can try to minimize the stress of compiling and pursuing any lawsuit.

If a typical personal injury case goes in front of a jury, where the lawyers will present to the jury evidence of physical injury, scars, or burns. A traumatic brain injury does not have a scar or broken bones, so it is up to an experienced lawyer who understands how to explain that to a jury, to put together a case so the jury can realize that this brain injury is just as severe, if not more severe, than other kinds of common physical injuries.

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