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Nashville Toxic Chemicals and Materials Lawyer

Nashville relies on Federal Safety Regulations when determining what is toxic. Any substance which can be harmful to either the environment or to a person, if it is inhaled, ingested or absorbed in any way, is considered toxic.

If an individual is exposed to a chemical or they have been recently diagnosed with something chemical-related, they should contact an experienced personal injury attorney.

Defining Chemical Exposure

Even if someone is exposed to a chemical, there is no guarantee it is toxic. For instance, Lysol and home cleaners contain chemicals, but a person can be exposed to them without suffering harm. It is the degree of toxicity which makes the difference.

That is when a person is close enough to a chemical that it can impact the body. A Nashville toxic chemicals and materials lawyer can find evidence and relevant facts about the level of harm that a chemical could have or has caused their potential client. 

Possible Exposure to Toxins

In the benzene cases, exposure is usually caused by their job. A lot of people work around gas or petroleum that is a high benzene product. Painters are exposed to it; anybody working at a rubber factory can be exposed to benzene. It is the same with asbestos. Electricians working the ship yards, around the brakes that are made that are made with asbestos. The person's career determines the different exposures.

Normal household items can create a toxic exposure. Occupational hazards include asbestos, benzene exposure, which can cause people to develop leukemia. There are carbon monoxide cases which are probably the most common chemical or toxic exposure cases.

Common Chemical Areas

There is a lot more shipyards up in the North Sea than there are in Tennessee, so as far as asbestos exposure, people in the North Sea would have more exposure. Benzene is an issue for painters and mechanics; rubber is an issue for people that work in rubber factories. Many related industries are area-driven to a large extent so a lot of it is location.

Typical Injuries from Toxins

Injuries to exposure can be temporary or permanent. A truck spill with a chemical leak could make people dizzy, nauseous, had shortness of breath, headaches, they can be forgetful. Nashville toxic chemicals and materials lawyers can speak with an injured individual regarding the possibility of pursuing a claim. 

However, chemicals like benzene or asbestos are more serious and people can have heart attacks, chronic or permanent brain damage or any type of learning difficulty. Affected individuals can be diagnosed with cancer. There is a wide range of injuries based upon the length of exposure, type of exposure, and what the person is exposed to.

Responsibility for Duty of Care

The employer company and its agents have a duty to provide a safe working environment for their employees. If an individual knows that there is asbestos around, they have a duty to warn the employees about it and make sure they are safe. If a property owner adds some dangerous chemical to their property, they have a duty to tell visitors. Any third party who is in control of toxic chemicals has a duty to warn others of the harmful effects and dangers of the chemicals.

Type of Injury Claims to File

Either a Workers’ Compensation claim, If they were exposed to the chemical at work, they may be able to file a worker’s compensation claim, a civil lawsuit or a product liability claim. If it is a benzene exposure claim, the lawsuit would be filed against the companies that manufactured the product that contained the high levels of benzene which is linked to leukemia and cancer. If it is asbestos, there is a settlement fund already established for asbestos victims.

Benefit of an Attorney

The most important thing is their health and safety, so they need to be aware of this at work, and make sure the employer that treats them good and makes sure they are safe. A Nashville toxic chemicals and materials lawyer will look into the matter and see if there is something that can be done. They may be entitled to help with their medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other things.

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