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Nashville Overweight Truck Accident Risks

Trucks play a vital role in transporting goods across the country. However, there can be a certain pressure to overload these trucks. When a truck is overweight or overloaded, it is truly a danger to everybody. It is harder for the truck driver to take control. It is harder for them to stop and climb a hill. It puts them at danger of blowouts so the truck driver themselves is subjecting themselves to danger and potential injury while also subjecting unsuspecting car drivers to Nashville overweight truck accident risks. If you have been injured in an overloaded truck accident, speak with an accomplished overweight tractor-trailer lawyer that could help you hold the at-fault driver liable.

Impact of Crashes Involving Trucks

When there is a crash between a semi-truck and a car, that car is not going to come out unharmed. It is just a simple matter of physics. Semi-trucks will just crush normal passenger vehicles and those Nashville overweight truck accident risks are exponentially greater because the overweight truck that cannot stop will be going faster instead, causing great harm to the person driving the car.

Resultant Injuries in Overweight Truck Accidents

If a person gets into an accident with an overweight or overloaded truck, they will suffer the same injuries that they would in any high-speed accident. However, the injuries that the people inside of the smaller vehicle experience,  will probably be more severe.

Injuries are usually significant due to speed and size.  A person can become paralyzed. They can suffer loss of limbs or sustain a brain injury. We have had clients suffer burns. Considering the size difference between a truck and a car, those are the kinds of dangers that someone faces.

Ways Injuries Change Depending on the Cargo

Injuries can change with the kind of cargo because of the way truck accidents occur. There is an initial hit or a collision and then, a lot of times, there are secondary accidents where the cargo goes flying down the interstate. Tires and other items often hit other vehicles that were not involved in the initial accident.

When that cargo is not secured, it can break loose and roll a long way. It can cause tragic accidents with vehicles that are not involved in the initial impact. Also, we see collateral damage when the truck his hauling hazardous materials, fuels, and chemicals.

How Can This Differ from a Safe Truck?

With a safe truck, there is usually an alert, experienced driver. The cargo is within legal limits and properly secured. These things will lessen the damage from an accident. There will be no material flying down the interstate. The vehicle will not turn over. if there is an accident, the damages will be minor.

Effect Overweight Trucks Have on Infrastructure

When a truck is overweight or overloaded, one of the other Nashville overweight truck accident risks is the risk of damage to the local infrastructure. Overloaded trucks affect the infrastructure in several ways. These trucks cause big potholes or damage to bridges. Overweight trucks cause a lot of damage to roadways, as well. The heavier the trucks are, the more damage that will occur. The road will have to be repaired or replaced quickly. Bridges are especially dangerous and must be repaired or replaced quickly.

Liability in Nashville Overloaded Truck Accidents

The truck driver is often found liable for accidents that occur due to overweight or overloaded trucks. The Federal Carrier Safety Act is pretty specific in that the driver's responsibility to make sure his truck is within weight and loaded properly. However, the trucking company can also be held liable if it is discovered that the trucking company played a part. They can also be fined for overloaded trucks. If you have been exposed to Nashville overweight truck accident risks due to the negligent behavior of a truck driver, speak with a capable truck accident attorney that could help you establish liability in your case. A determined lawyer could pursue a positive outcome for you.

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