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Nashville Car Accident Wrongful Death Lawyer

Fatal car accidents can occur anywhere, but generally, occur in high-speed areas and on the interstate. Cars on the interstate are traveling fast and in the event of an accident, there tends to be more damage. Nashville is a tourist destination with a lot of pedestrians. An increase of people who bicycle in Nashville has led to a rise in tragic accidents involving bicycles. 

If your loved one was involved in a car accident wrongful death case, you should call an experienced wrongful death attorney. Nashville car accident wrongful death lawyers know that these cases are difficult, very expensive, and the laws surrounding them can be complicated. They should also gather any evidence they have such as photographs of the scene, videos of the scene (probably taken with their cell phone), witness statements, and all bills from medical providers. It may be beneficial to keep a file or a folder to keep everything together.

Defining a Wrongful Death Case

A car accident wrongful death means that the collision was caused by another driver or perhaps the car itself. If it was a manufacturing error, that can mean the incident is a product liability claim. Several single-car accidents or products liability actions become a wrongful death claim. A defective airbag or what is called “a crashworthiness case” may occur. Meaning, a car may roll over and the airbags not perform safely causing to the driver or a passenger of the vehicle to be harmed. If someone is injured in an accident and death does not occur for a long period of time after the accident, the incident becomes a Wrongful Death case.

Common Fact Patterns

Nashville car accident wrongful death lawyers have seen that the most common form of fatal collisions are texting or distracted driving cases. Those have become rampant in Tennessee and in Nashville. They just are getting worse and worse. 

Behavior of the At-Fault Driver

If the at-fault driver was behaving illegally would remain a wrongful death case. However, it could become a criminal case as well. If the person is prosecuted criminally and goes to jail, that guilt could add to the damages from the Wrongful Death standpoint. The damages would be in the form of punitive damages, which are meant to punish the reckless or criminal defendant that caused the death.

How Does this Impact the Damages Being Sought?

The behavior of the at-fault driver can increase the damages. Not only is the person getting compensation for their financial loss and compensation for pain and suffering, but also receive money that was awarded to punish the person that caused the wrongful death.

Hiring a Lawyer

It may be critical for anyone whose loved one was involved in a fatal injury to contact a Nashville car accident wrongful death lawyer about how to proceed. They can help you compile the necessary evidence to present in a personal injury claim. An attorney can discuss what types of damages you and your family should seek on behalf of your loved one. It may be critical to contact legal representation right away.

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