Nashville Car Accident Wrongful Death Cases

Nashville car accident wrongful death cases occur when someone dies as a result of a collision. If someone eventually dies due to injuries sustained from the accident a loved one can pursue a wrongful death case at any time.

Nashville car accident wrongful death cases often happen when something that happens when somebody is in an accident and expected to pull through or be okay. They may even leave the hospital and go home, but some complication may later occur that leads to their death. If you or a loved one find yourselves in this situation, contact a distinguished wrongful death lawyer about reviewing your case.

Common Accidents in Nashville

Most of Nashville’s fatal accidents happen on a highway or interstate. The two main reasons for that are that cars are traveling faster, so there tends to be a bigger impact and more damage. When a semi-truck driving near a small car often ends in a fatal accident.

Typical Fact Patterns

The most common fact pattern in Nashville car accident wrongful death cases is when someone is driving too fast. A lot of cases involve intoxicated drivers, because they tend to drive fast and reckless. A lot of truck or semi-truck accidents occur because the difference in the size of the vehicle can lead to a fatal accident.

Over the years, there has been an increase in distracted drivers on the road. When paying attention to their phone, they can travel great distances at the average speed limit but if they do not know to apply their brakes, there can be tragic and fatal car accidents as a result.

Initiating a Wrongful Death Case

These cases are complicated. The easiest thing for them to do is contact an experienced wrongful death lawyer to handle all of those things for them. If they had an opportunity to take any photographs of the vehicles involved in the accident or the product if it is a products case that caused the death, it is recommended. They can take photographs with their phone. If it is a product or if they have written documents, it is important to keep that evidence safe and give it to the lawyer.

Role of Illegal Behavior

There may be a separate but simultaneous criminal prosecution by the district attorney. Although it maintains a wrongful death case, there may be additional damages under the case. Those will be punitive damages or the damages that are meant to punish the criminal behavior and give the victims of that criminal behavior additional compensation as redress.

Determining Amount of Damages

There are punitive damages. From a general standpoint, it means larger damages. Juries and judges are people and if there was something criminal or evil behind whatever happened to have an innocent family lose a loved one, one way that they can say that it should not have  happened or to punish it is to give more money. It generally drives the value of the case up.