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The tragic events arising from the tainted epidural steroid injections (ESI) have left many families searching for the right Nashville meningitis lawyer to protect them in what will likely be very costly and difficult litigation. When searching for the right attorney we recommend you consider a few different law firms to ensure you feel comfortable with the firm you select. We are proud of our firm’s accomplishments and believe our track record gives victims confidence that their rights will be protected by our legal teams. Additionally, we also have strong relationships with some of the biggest national law firms across the country. These relationships are important in cases like this as the litigation may involve several different states. Regardless, if you have any questions of when and how to proceed feel free to contact our Nashville personal injury lawyer. Also, in an effort to address some questions the families and other lawyers may have, we included some basic information on the outbreak and the law below.

Media Updates

The founding partner of our firm, Jim Higgins, was recently interviewed regarding the legal implications of the Tennessee Meningitis cases. You can watch the interview below:

Legal Causes Of Action:

Although the initial thought from many lawyers was that we are dealing with a medical malpractice case, that is probably not the primary claim. Specifically, just because an injury occurs at a hospital or medical care facility, it is not always a malpractice claim. In this case, the primary claim will likely be a Nashville products liability claim. Products liability claims generally fall into three types: claims involving a design defect, a manufacturing defect, or a failure to warn. In these cases the initial investigations appear to reveal a manufacturing defect in relation to producing the drug containing the fungal meningitis. One important aspect of a products liability claim in Nashville is that in some cases a products liability action can be maintained against the seller of the product if the manufacturer has been judicially declared insolvent. The reason this is important in these cases as there will likely be hundreds of claims against the manufacturer of the epidural steroid. If that manufacturer files bankruptcy the victims may be able to obtain financial help from the Tennessee medical facility where they obtained the ESI.

Tennessee Meningitis Infections

The Tennessee fungal meningitis outbreak arose from contaminated Epidural Steroid Shots (ESI) that were given after May 21, 2012 at specific facilities. According to the Centers for Disease Control the following facilities have been linked to the contaminated steroids:

  • St. Thomas Outpatient Surgery Center: Nashville, Tennessee
  • Specialty Surgery Center: Crossville, Tennessee
  • PCA Pain Care Center: Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Warning Symptoms Of Meningitis

Typical signs of a meningitis infection include fever, nausea, headache and neck stiffness. According to the CDC symptoms may also include dizziness, sensitivity to light, new weakness or numbness, confusion, pain, slurred speech and redness or swelling of the infection site. Unfortunately, there may be a significant delay before these symptoms arise. According to medical experts, symptoms typically appear in one to four weeks following the injections but sometimes it can take much longer. As such, patients who have been exposed should remain aware of symptoms for several months.

If you believe you may have received a contaminated Epidural Steroid Injection you should contact your doctor immediately.

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