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Guidant Recalls

There has been a recall of the Guidant Heart implantable Defibrillator. Gudiant is on of the largest manufacturer of heart defibrillators. They also make pace makers and other medical devices. This recall will effect thousands of people and will likely lead to extraordinary medical expenses and unfortunate stress and hardships on these families.

In addition to the defibrillator recall, Guidant has also issued a recall for some of its Insignia and Nexus pacemakers because of failures. This includes nine cases requiring emergency hospitalization. On July 18, 2005, Guidant informed the medical community that replacements might be needed for nine pacemaker models made between 1997 and 2000, of which some 28,000 remain implanted in patients worldwide. To learn more about the Guidant pacemaker recalls and other recalls feel free to contact our office.

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