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Assisted living facilities are located across East TN with a large concentration in Knoxville. These facilities are meant to provide a superior standard of care to the elderly seeking better quality of life. They should offer a comfortable and supportive environment while attending to each patient’s needs and ensuring their safety. Most assisted living facilities in Knox County, TN, work hard to maintain the highest standards of safety and care the elders need and deserve.

However, some facilities fail to deliver on those standards of care, resulting in abuse or substantial injuries to the residents. The abuse and neglect can take many forms, such as mistreatment, ill-conduct, lack of safety measures, neglect of staff members, etc. This can result in your loved one suffering quietly for days, weeks, or even months.

If this happens with your loved one and you observe any signs of misconduct, you should contact Knoxville assisted living facility attorney at The Higgins Firm. We have years of experience handling assisted living facility abuse and neglect cases in which the residents were fearful or hesitant to speak out or retaliate and kept quiet.

If you suspect that your loved one is a victim of mistreatment at the assisted living facility, you should immediately consult our qualified and experienced lawyers regarding rights and compensation options. We ensure to provide ultimate legal protection and preserve their rights with due respect and dignity.

Some Statistics About Seniors and Assisted Living Facilities in Knoxville

The total population of Knoxville is approximately 185,000, out of which nearly 20,000 people are senior citizens. A majority of the senior citizen population resides in assisted living facilities or nursing homes of the community; if we count all the retirees in Knox County, the number of senior citizens almost doubles.

As a result, most of the time, the nursing homes or assisted living facilities are filled to their capacity resulting in overcrowding and neglect or abuse. The congested and overcrowded senior homes put pressure on the nursing staff members trying to meet all hygiene, care, and health needs of the resident elderly. However, in such a situation, they’re overburdened, which often results in not attending properly to the residents’ health, safety, and hygiene needs.

The federal government collects information about all the assisted living facilities in Knoxville through surveys, inspections, and investigations by Medicare. It was found that 6 out of 26 nursing homes in Knoxville were severely violating the resident’s rights and deficient in medical care.

If this happens to your loved one, you should take action promptly through aggressive and expert legal support to safeguard the legal rights and ensure justice.

Signs and Symptoms that Mistreatment, Abuse or Neglect has Become a Legal Issue

Many of you may notice subtle signs or symptoms of misconduct, mistreatment, or neglect that you should not ignore in the case of your loved ones living in assisted living facilities. The harm caused may be due to some traumatic abusive event or unclear abuse signs. Although it’s challenging to detect the signs and symptoms of nursing facility’s abuse, here are some common neglect or abuse indicators that you should immediately attend to:

  • The appearance of pressure ulcers (such as bedsores, pressure sores, etc.) that transform into a life-threatening condition
  • Weight loss due to loss of appetite
  • Incoherent behavior due to lack of hydration or overdose of medicine
  • Burn injury
  • Unsanitary hygiene conditions
  • Unusual behavior such as fear, anxiety, or worry
  • Soiled clothing and bedding
  • Inadequate bathing
  • Fracture due to fall
  • Abnormal behavior such as anger, agitation, or frustration

You should be active and vigilant while meeting with your loved one living at a nursing home or assisted facility and try to participate in the care activities as much as possible. Many assisted living facilities fail to provide adequate medical care and support to the elderly due to a deficiency of nurses, assistants, and other staff members. Your intervention can play a critical role in ensuring the proper care of your loved one.

Despite that, if you suspect the nursing facility is not attending properly to your loved one or mistreating your senior or elderly, we are here to help. The Higgins Law Firm has successfully dealt with numerous cases of assisted living facilities misconduct, mistreatment, injury, and even death. Our Knoxville assisted living facility attorneys thoroughly investigate your case and get the compensation your loved one deserves.

Call us now to schedule a free consultation to learn how our assisted living facility attorneys can help!

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