Jackson, TN Personal Injury Attorneys

Naturally, with offices in Memphis and Nashville, we have handled numerous cases in the Jackson, TN area.  Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee had appropriately  98, 255 residents in 2011. The city of Jackson was originally named Alexandria and was renamed in 1922 to honor General Andrew Jackson. The City of Jackson was founded by an act of the Tennessee General Assembly passed in 1821. The city thought to be the more suitable site for the seat of justice. Jackson developed rapidly just prior to the Civil War as a railroad junction and maintenance shop for several early railroads, including the Mississippi Central, the Tennessee Central and the Mobile and Ohio lines.

Our Jackson, TN injury lawyers  deal with car crash claims and other claims of injuries that occur with the people living in the Jackson, Madison County area or those that visit the area. In 2011, there were a total of eighty-six traffic fatalities in Jackson. Our attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable about cases involving life altering  car collisions, collisions involving trucks, bike crashes, crashes that occur while texting and driving, and other kinds of accidents that cause injuries like falling while at your house or injuries caused by a pool.

    Should I have The Higgins Firm handle my claim?

Not every accident victim needs our firm for their case. In general if, your case involves only property damage and minor injuries the claim can often be resolved with the insurance company without the need of paying a lawyer. If you are just not sure if you need an accident lawyer feel free to call our office to discuss your options. If you do not need our assistance we can usually give you enough information to help you close your claim for a fair amount. To the contrary, cases involving permanent life changing injuries generally do need the help of an experienced Tennessee car accident lawyer. There are many complicated issues in these cases that a victim will not be aware of and the insurance company has no legal obligation to warn the injured person of the potential legal pitfalls they are facing. For example, in most cases your health insurance company will have a right of “subrogation”. This means that if you collect money from the defendant your health insurance company has a right to get its money back for what they paid for your health care. However, there are exceptions to this right such as the “made whole doctrine”. This is a tricky exception and it can cost a victim thousands of dollars if the right is not properly protected. There are also important time lines that must be followed in all cases. If you do not meet these deadlines you may lose your right to file a lawsuit forever. Finally, it is difficult to know what is a fair settlement offer unless you do this work for a living. However, an experienced trial lawyer has the resources and knowledge to know when an offer is fair and when you should go trial.

The Higgins Firm understands how difficult this is for you and your loved ones. We will speak with you about your claim and do our best to see to it that you and your loved ones are compensated fairly for your injuries whether they were injuries related to falling or slipping, household or other items with defects, injuries that occurred in water, injuries that happened at the workplace, injuries that involved drivers who were under the influence, crashes related to texting, other vehicle collisions, and injuries that occur because of a doctor or nurse's carelessness.

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