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IVC Filter Dangerous Side Effects and Injuries

Sometimes we see advertisements on television or read about them in magazines of a drug or medical product that was supposed to help people but created more problems and even severe injuries instead. This can occur when a company is aware of the warnings but ignores them in order to make a profit. If you or someone you know had an IVC Filter implanted and now has injuries as a result, then you should talk to a IVC Filter and defective product lawyer with the Higgins Firm immediately. We will help answer any questions you may have and help you to get any compensation that may be rightfully yours for your injuries.

What are IVC Filters used for?

If a person has a problem with blood clots and these blood clots enter the lungs, it can cause a life-threatening pulmonary embolism. The IVC Filters are metal devices that are implanted into people who are at a high risk of developing these blood clots. The medical device looks like a tiny cage which is implanted into a person’s inferior vena cava vein through a surgical procedure. Once the risk of blood clots decreases, the filters are supposed to be removed.

What are the injuries that can occur because of the IVC Filters?

These IVC Filters have been causing problems and injuries in patients because some become too deeply implanted to be removed. Some of the injuries that have occurred with these filters could include the metal pieces of device breaking off or fracturing and moving to the stomach, lungs, liver, the heart and other organs. This can lead to the organs becoming punctured and causing internal bleeding and other problems. Some of the other complications that patients have been experiencing are respiratory problems and serious chest pain. The most common injuries that people with these filters have experienced is due to the filter moving or migrating to other areas. The Food and Drug Administration in late 2010, received three hundred and twenty-eight reports of this problem. Filter fractures were reported fifty-six times and perforations were reported seventy times. Some injuries can be serious enough with these filters to be fatal.

What Should I do if I Have Experienced IVC Filter Complications?

The maker of these removable IVC Filters C.R. Bard is facing lawsuits for their Recovery IVC Filter and G2 IVC Filter System. These lawsuits are claiming that the medical devices were defective and resulted in life-threatening injuries for people who had them implanted. If you or someone you care about feel that you have a similar claim, it is advised that first talk to your doctor about your complications and seek any medical help and treatment you may need. Once your medical needs are met you should contact one of our caring and experienced IVC Filter and defective product lawyers at the Higgins Firm. We know this process can be confusing and complicated. We will do our best to make it easier for you. We will review your claim, address any concerns you may have and help you seek any compensation you may be entitled to for any medical expenses and treatments you had, any loss of income you may have suffered due to an inability to work while you were injured and any pain and suffering you have experienced. We will also fight on your behalf to make sure the company responsible is made to pay for their actions that resulted in your injury.

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