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How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

This is a common question that many people ask about their case. It is also an important question but it does not always have an easy answer. There are many considerations that go into determining how much your case may be worth. Some of these considerations may be what kind of injury you suffered, if you are unable to work due to your injury and how much pain your injury has caused you. If you have questions or concerns about how much your case may be worth, it is a good idea to speak to a personal injury and accident lawyer at the Higgins Firm. We will answer any questions you may have and we help you determine how much your case may be worth. We will then help you to get any compensation you may be entitled to for what you have been through.

When reviewing your case to determine how much it may be worth, our personal injury lawyers will consider different factors. These factors may include but are not limited to:

  • What type of loss you have suffered because of your personal injury such as loss of income
  • How many medical and other bills you have due to your injury
  • How much any medication has cost you that you need for your injury
  • If you suffered any losses linked to your property
  • If you suffered any disability due to your injury that may have been life-changing
  • Any pain and suffering you may have experienced due to your injury

We may be able to help you determine how much you may receive for each factor or part of your case. We also have to consider how likely it is that you will be awarded compensation for your injury or injuries. The factors that go into determining the likelihood of you receiving compensation for your case include but are not limited to:

  • How strong the evidence that proofs someone else contributed to your injury or injuries
  • The number of documents you have discussing your medical bills and any treatment you may have had because of your injury
  • How well negotiations with your insurance company are handled

The pain and suffering that you have experienced because of your injury or injuries is also taken into consideration although it may be more difficult to determine. This is because according to the law pain and suffering is defined as the physical and mental pain and suffering you have been through because of your injury and there may not be as much physical evidence or documentation of this.

Trying to figure out how much your case may be worth can be a complicated and confusing process. That is why it is important to let one of our experienced and knowledgeable personal injury and accident lawyers with the Higgins Firm handle your case. We know how important it is to you and your loved ones that you receive any compensation you may need to help put your life back together. We can answer any questions you have, help determine how much your case may be worth depending on several factors and work with you, your insurance company and any jury to show evidence of your injuries and the pain and suffering you have been caused and how it has affected your life and well-being so that you receive the most compensation that is rightfully yours by law.

You can contact us online or by calling 800.705.2121 to discuss your case and any questions you might have.

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When my mother was neglected in a nursing home I was referred to The Higgins Firm for help. They did a great job representing my family and obtained a significant settlement. Hopefully, this will keep someone else's parent from being mistreated in the future. Angie S.
I have a large collection practice and don't handle personal injury cases. Instead of simply declining a case, I referred it to The Higgins Firm. They handled everything. My client got a large recovery and I got a large co-counsel fee. The client and I were both very happy. Attorney Bo Melton
The best injury lawyers in Nashville. They represented my son in a car accident case and did an awesome job. James D.