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How do I choose the Best Nursing Home for My Loved one?

Many people struggle with the idea of leaving their loved ones in the care of someone else. This is why it is important to take a variety of factors into consideration when deciding on the best nursing home for your loved one.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tennessee Nursing Home

The process of deciding the best nursing home may overwhelm many people. This is why it is important to focus on the most important factors. These factors include:

  • Location– It is important to choose a nursing home you will visit often. Many studies have shown that visiting your loved ones in a nursing home often helps to prevent abuse and neglect. The nursing home should always be close to friends and relatives if possible and close to medical centers in case of an emergency.

  • Size– Some nursing homes may be larger and offer more activities to the residents, but smaller nursing homes can provide more personal care and attention to your loved one. It is important to consider the quality of services at any nursing home rather than the amount of amenities.

  • Financing Options– It is important to check with the nursing home about medical services covered by personal insurance plans or by Medicaid and Medicare plans. It is important to ask questions regarding payment and what services may cost extra money.

  • Room Accommodations– It is important to know how rooms are chosen for each resident and if your loved one will get their own room. If problems come up with your loved one having a roommate, it is important to know what other options are available.

  • Bed Holding Policy– Make sure that you know how long a nursing home will hold a bed for your loved one if an emergency arises, such as hospitalization. Medicaid will usually hold a bed for seven days, but you need to know the nursing home policy on holding the bed for longer than that period of time. Some nursing homes will work with you to hold the bed for your loved one.

  • Privacy– It is important to observe the residents of the nursing home. Do they seem happy and well taken care of? Are all their needs being met? Are they relaxed and comfortable? Do they get their own rooms and space for privacy? Is the staff friendly and well trained? How do they handle difficult situations?

  • Food– It is also very important to know what kind of food is served. Are there special meals for those on a special diet? Are there a variety of choices for your loved one? When are meals served? Are meals brought to residents who cannot go to a dining area? It is also a good idea to ask the staff for their opinion about the quality of the food.
What are Some Nursing Home Resources?

Tennessee offers a website by the Health Department which compares Tennessee nursing homes and rates them based on surveys, inspections, and on the level of care they provide. Medicare also offers reports about inspection problems and violations of all the nursing homes in Tennessee. It is important to take notice of these violations and how serious they are. You may view this website by clicking here: Compare Tennessee Nursing Homes

If you have concerns about a Tennessee nursing home's care that has been provided to your loved one, or to report Tennessee nursing home neglect or abuse of a resident, contact the nursing home attorneys of Higgins Firm online or call our 800-705-2121 to discuss your legal options.  We have a team of lawyers and staff that focus on nursing home malpractice cases.

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