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Hit By Someone Without Insurance

Male: Now, Legal Briefs with Bree, featuring attorneys from The Higgins Firm with answers and advice for your legal matters.

(Bree): Today on the brief, we are discussing what to do if you’re in an accident and hit by someone who does not have insurance. Here to talk with us more about this is Attorney Jim Higgins from the Higgins Law Firm. Jim, always great to have you here.

Jim Higgins: Thank you.

(Bree): Let’s talk about this. This is a problem unfortunately that happens a lot, so many are ensured. Talk to us about the cases that your office sees.

Jim Higgins: Yes, we do see it a lot. In Tennessee, I believe, the statistics are about 20% or 21% of people don’t have insurance. You know, a lot of people have it, but they just have a little bit. And, so our office, of course, we have a division that’s dedicated to kind of high damage, high injury cases, and so we see it a lot.

And, what will happen is I’ll have somebody that will have, you know, thousands of dollars of medical bills. They’ll have thousands of dollars of loss wages. The person who doesn’t hit - who hit them doesn’t anything. And, so we always - we’ll check out their own insurance policy. A lot of people don’t even know that they have it.

(Bree): Right.

Jim Higgins: And, usually they’ll - hopefully most of the time we’ll have a posit that will cover the UM or Underinsured Motorist is what they call it.

(Bree): Yes.

Jim Higgins: And, they will cover some of those damages and that’s why you have that insurance. It’s important.

(Bree): Right. OK, so step one when you get hit and you’re in this terrible accident, how do you know that - when to actually involve in that journey and what’s, you know, step one in doing so?

Jim Higgins: Sure, well, you know, it always sounds self-serving when I say, but you really - if you’ve been hit and you have high damages, then you should contact us. I mean, if you’re fine, it was little fender bender and you’re OK, then don’t worry about it, but call us. We will tell you if you need one. We’ll go over your policy and we will take over all of that stuff so you can just worry about getting better.

(Bree): Sure, great. And, you mention again just - I guess, keeping those records and keeping your policy handy and bring that, I guess, the first time you come to see an attorney is a good idea then as well.

Jim Higgins: Yes, sure.

(Bree): OK, great. Well, if you would like to contact the Higgins Law Firm, you may do so by looking at the information that is on your screen.

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