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Hip Replacement Lawsuits


Male: Now, Legal Brief with Bree featuring attorneys from The Higgins Firm with answers and advice on legal matters.

(Bree): Joining me today is Ben Miller from The Higgins Firm and today’s topic on the brief, we’re discussing lawsuits that have occurred due to hip replacement surgeries. Ben, talk to us a little bit about some of these lawsuits that are generating right now.

Ben Miller: Sure. We’re seeing quite a few of these across the country right now. In particular, we’ve been seeing some involving a company Wright, W-R-I-G-H-T medical technology and one of their products that we’ve been looking at. What we’ve been seeing is that some of these hip replacements are having problems with moving in places that they shouldn’t, which then leads to corrosion or degradation of the product and ultimately fracture and breaking.

(Bree): OK. So, then, sometimes after these surgeries, talk us through some of the symptoms that the patients are feeling, you know, after this has happened.

Ben Miller: Yes, absolutely. So, if people are having trouble just with standing or walking or their feeling stiffed throughout the entire day with just normal activities, and, then, of course, if they’re having excessive or extreme pain in the hip area, in the thigh, in the groin, and in the lower back, these things are concerning.

(Bree): OK. So, I guess, before they come to your – in light of coming to see you, do they need to gather some information about, I guess, you know, what procedure they had?

Ben Miller: Well, absolutely, and most important I think is to not panic, because not everyone who has one of these hip replacement has a defective one.

(Bree): Sure.

Ben Miller: And, not everybody is going to have these problems and that there are other related problems. So, probably the most important thing would be to see your physician first. But if that physician starts talking about needing some revisions or even needing to replace it entirely well before the time that you’ve expected that you’re going to – that this hip was going to be good for, that’s when maybe you should give us a call.

(Bree): Absolutely. And, if you would like to contact The Higgins Firm, you may do so by contacting the information that’s located on your screen.

SOME EXTRA INFORMATION IF YOU ARE THE VICTIM OF A HIP RECALLIt can be traumatizing to be notified that you have an implanted hip, or some other medical device, that is the subject of a recall. Many of our clients find only find out after they get a letter in the mail out of the blue. Others discover it out after seeing a news story. Regardless, it is never easy news to receive. If you think that you are the victim of a defective product recall, here are some tips:

  • DON’T PANIC! Just because you have received a recall notice, it does not necessarily mean that the medical product will fail. In know that does not help with the stress you must feel, but truly we receive calls from clients on a regular basis that never have any physical problems even though there was a product recall or warning issued.
  • TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR. Don’t do anything that may jeopardize your health. Talk to your doctor and he or she will tell you the best medical options for your case.
  • SAVE EVERYTHING. Be sure to save any letters, emails or documents you receive related to the recall or surgeries. If your medical device has to be removed yet, talk to your doctor about saving the device and/or documenting its condition if a surgery is necessary.
  • CONTACT US. Call our Tennessee Law Firm or another law office experienced in handling medical recall cases. We have offices in Nashville, Memphis and Chattanooga. There are strict time limes on these cases and you don’t want to let them pass.

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