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Many people use medical devices and products to help them avoid more serious medical problems such as blood clots. However, sometimes these medical devices and products that are intended to help people prevent certain medical conditions or problems actually end up causing more problems or serious injuries. Some of these injuries can be life-threatening. If you or someone you care about received an IVC Filter implant and now has pain, problems, or the need for more surgery to correct the problems, then you should speak to a IVC Filter and defective product lawyer at the Higgins Firm as soon as possible. We will review your claim and help you to get any compensation you deserve for the suffering you have been caused.

What is the Purpose of an IVC Filter?

The Inferior vena cava is a large vein in the body that transports oxygen depleted blood from the lower areas of the body to the heart. Once the blood reaches the heart, it is pumped into the lungs so that they can get oxygen. IVC filters are medical devices that were created to help in the prevention of blood clots moving into the lungs and causing a pulmonary embolism. A pulmonary embolism is when the blood in the lower part of body forms clots and it usually means that one or more arteries in the lungs are being blocked by these blood clots.

What are Some Problems that Have Been Linked to IVC Filters?

Beginning in August of 2010, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning about safety risks associated with IVC Filters made by C.R. Bard. The IVC Filters were supposed to be used as temporary solutions for blood clots but they were implanted into patients and not removed when the risk of blood clots had passed. These lead to many IVC Filters fracturing and moving to other parts of the body. This created serious injuries and problems in patients with these implants such as:

  • The broken pieces of device punctured holes in the heart, the lungs, and even the inferior vena cava vein.
  • A condition known as Deep vein thrombosis.
  • The puncturing of other organs or tissues such as the kidneys.
  • The risk of blood clots actually clogging the filters.
  • The filter being in too deep to be removed safely.
  • Experiencing constant chest pain
  • Breathing and other respiratory problems
  • bleeding that could not be controlled or stopped
  • Fluid that formed around the heart known as cardiac tamponade
  • pieces of the filters being left in the organs
  • the risk of death

How can a Lawyer Help With My Case?

If you or someone you love was implanted with an IVC filter and has experienced serious injuries or even died, then it is advised that you contact one of our compassionate and knowledgeable IVC Filter and defective product lawyers with the Higgins Firm right away. We will not only listen to your case, we also investigate and gather any evidence needed such as medical reports about any treatment you received and expert advice from medical professionals to prove that the makers of these filters knew about the risks but failed to take proper action. We will help you receive any compensation you may be entitled to and make sure the party responsible pays for their actions. We know this process can be confused and we will help to make it as smooth as possible for you and your loved ones.

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