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Has Your Property Been Destroyed or Severely Damaged by a Sinkhole?

Sinkholes can cause damage to your property or to your house and they may often occur without warning. Sinkholes can be barely noticeable at first beginning with a crack there or a break in your floor here. If you do not have knowledge of sinkholes you may be unaware that damage is occurring until it causes destruction or severe damage. Unfortunately, many insurance companies will ignore the extent of the damage or claim it is just from natural “settling”. If you suspect that damages in your house may have been caused by a sinkhole, you should speak to a Tennessee sinkhole lawyer as soon as possible.

What is the Definition of a Sinkhole?

A sinkhole occurs when water causes limestone to soften under the ground. It can also occur when substances outside fall into holes in rock. Sinkholes can occur without warning and have been occurring more frequently in the last twenty-five years because of an excess of water in the ground or the building of more small bodies of water. A sinkhole can occur in any place but have frequently occurred more in Florida and eastern Tennessee.

What Does Destruction by a Sinkhole Look Like?

Sinkholes can cause major damage but the signs may be more subtle at first. This makes it hard to determine if the property damage you have is actually due to a sinkhole. Some indications that there may have been sinkhole damage could be:

  • Unusual cracking of your floor, your walls, sidewalk, or porch
  • Items around your house that may be titling or leaning
  • Having a hard time getting doors and windows to close
  • Places where plants or trees have died unexpectedly
  • If water pools in unusual places after a storm
What Steps Should I Take if I Might Have Sinkhole Destruction on my Property?

The first step you should take after discovering sinkhole destruction is to speak you’re your insurance provider so they can figure out if this destruction was in fact a sinkhole. If they think it was, they should hire professionals to make sure the destruction was because of a sinkhole. When you have your sinkhole destruction looked at, it is possible that they might not do a proper job of looking at your property to figure out if it was caused by a sinkhole. If this is the case, your insurance provider may claim that the destruction was caused by something else or that you do not have enough information to prove that it is sinkhole damage, so they may turn down your claim. If your case has been turned down by the insurance or if the insurance company claims the damage is nominal, then you may need a lawyer to assist you.

What can a Tennessee Sinkhole Lawyer do for my Case?

Sinkhole cases can be confusing and complex unless you have the knowledge necessary for these cases. This is why an insurance provider may try to turn down your case or only give you compensation for some of the damage. If this happens to you, you should speak to one of our caring and experienced Tennessee sinkhole lawyers with the firm. We will answer any questions you may have and consult our own professionals about your sinkhole damage. We know that your home is valuable to you and we will work with you and fight for you to see to it that your insurance provider pays you the money you are entitled to for your sinkhole damage so you can get the repairs you need for your home and get your life back in order.

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