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Have you or a Loved one been Injured by a Medical Product?

When people require medical equipment such as artificial hips, knees, or other devices to help improve their quality of life, they rely on the makers of this equipment to design items that put their safety first. Sometimes, this equipment works just like it should and lasts for the rest of our life. Other times, this equipment can become broken and fail to work properly. This can cause the person using this equipment to suffer severe and even life-threatening injuries. While these medical devices range from intricate machines to simple everyday products, the ramifications of a faulty medical device are the same no matter how complicated the device. If a faulty or defective medical device has injured you, we encourage you to contact one of our Tennessee defective medical device attorneys at our firm. We are ready to hear your claim.

Current Medical Device Litigation

Recently, there has been a significant amount of litigation surrounding injuries related to artificial hips or knees as well as devices to help with heart conditions. Defects or problems with these products can result in pain, further surgery, or even death. Some of these devices may include the following:

Artificial Joint Recalls

DePuy International Ltd, which is a part  of Johnson & Johnson, began by introducing Hylamer as an "implant-grade" polyethylene hip implant. However, it was discovered that the material degraded at an accelerated rate causing further injury. Several patients required an additional surgical procedure to receive a replacement for the Hylamer joints.

Guidant Recalls

Guidant Corporation made a recent announcement concerning the recalling of a large amount of their implantable defibrillators and cardiac resynchronization defibrillators because of multiple problems with the equipment. 

Zimmer Durom Cup Hip Replacement Recall

Zimmer Holdings issued a recall for the Durom cup hip replacement part. The part has been alleged to have a larger than expected or accepted failure rate. In many instances, people with the Durom cup replacement end up in worse shape than they were in prior to surgical intervention

What can I do if I or Someone I Love has Been Injured by one of These Defective Medical Products or by Another Medical Product?

If a possible defective medical product led to an injury for you or someone you love, you should first seek medical attention right away. Next, keep all evidence you may have including any medical records, informational brochures on the product, website testimonials from the company and anything else that either went into the decision to choose the product or was used to repair damage done by the product. Finally, you should contact a knowledge  lawyer at our firm so that you can get fairly compensated for your injury.  Our lawyers have the skills and knowledge that is needed for you and your case. Our lawyers will be here to guide you every step of the way.  You should contact one of us as soon as possible to discuss your case and get answers to any questions you may have. At the law firm of The Higgins Firm, we believe the makers of these dangerous medical products should be held accountable for their negligent behavior.

If you or a loved one has legal concerns, CONTACT US ONLINE OR BY PHONE AT 800-705-2121 so that you can consult with us about your case.

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