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GranuFlo and NaturaLyte Lawsuits

Male: The following is a sponsored segment from The Higgins Firm.

(Dave): It is 7:51. (Hundreds)[00:00:06] of people filing lawsuits after a popular dialysis drug, GranuFlo, is believed to be behind several heart attacks in patients. Jim Higgins now joining us with the Higgins Law Firm, good to see you.

Jim Higgins: Good to see.

(Dave): The problem here is that the company knew the risk but fail to warn doctors.

Jim Higgins: Yes, that is what puts this kind of case in a whole another level, I think, to lawyers or clients, to people who sit as jurors. But, what it is, is there are about half a million people in this country that are on dialysis in almost, I think, 6,000 clinics.

(Dave): Yes.

Jim Higgins: And, when you’re on dialysis, you need certain things in your blood and one of them is a bicarbonate and there’s a company that owns about a third of these clinics and they manufacture this drug, GranuFlo, to put it in once somebody is on dialysis. Well, there was a memo that they sent out a couple of years ago just to their clinics that warned that this potential product could increase heart attack’s chances up to the FDA says and other experts have said up to six times.

(Dave): Goodness.

Jim Higgins: And, what’s hard to swallow about this is they only send it to their clinics. This company sells this product to all of these dialysis clinics, but they only send it to theirs and that - their company only have this warning, and they continue to sell, and they continue to do so to these other companies without warning them.

And, recently there’s been several hundred lawsuits filed. A man - a widow in Alabama just filed one the other day for her husband who was in one of these clinics, and was having dialysis which gives them their life back when they have these kidney problems.

(Dave): Sure.

Jim Higgins: And, they had a heart attack and passed away and they have no idea that this warning was out there.

(Dave): And, you’re working on one here locally, right?

Jim Higgins: Yes. We’re reviewing one right now. We’re getting the records together. You know, a lot of times these topics coincide with what...

(Dave): Sure, yes.

Jim Higgins: ...we’re examining in our office. But, yes, there is a - and they’re looking at it right now, we’re putting all of the cases together but it - you know, it’s a hard thing to sit down with the family and talk about what they went through.

(Dave): Absolutely. Well, if you have any questions, if you’re going through anything like this, you can certainly contact Jim or any of the other attorney over there at The Higgins Firm. The number is 615-353-0930 or you can contact Jim personally through email at Thank you so much. Good to see you.

Jim Higgins: Thank you, (Dave). Good to see you.

(Dave): All right.

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