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Franklin Truck Accident Lawyer

When heavy big rigs traveling through Franklin are involved in collisions, serious injuries can happen that automobile insurance may not fully cover. To receive compensation, a person may have to file a civil suit claiming compensation for these losses.

A Franklin truck accident lawyer has extensive experience seeking settlements after a truck accident. Anyone who suffers injuries in these accidents should consult with a skilled personal injury attorney to determine their legal options.

Who is At-Fault for a Truck Accident?

Many collisions with these large trucks happen because of driving mistakes, mechanical failures, and the fitness of the truck driver. When this happens, the truck driver or company may be liable for the damages caused by the accident.

Even if a person believes they are partially at fault, Tennessee uses what is known as comparative negligence. This law reduces the amount of damages a person may claim proportionally to the amount of fault the drivers had in causing the collision. If a truck driver was 75 percent at fault, the other driver would be 25 percent responsible. Damages that the other driver can collect may be limited to 75 percent. Because the trucker was more than 50 percent responsible, the driver and the trucking company cannot claim any damages.

Typical Causes of Tractor-Trailer Crashes in Franklin

There are many factors that can contribute to tractor-trailer crashes in Franklin. Some of these factors include blind spots, the size of trucks, and weather conditions.

Blind Spots

Truckers sit high up and have an expansive view ahead but close up they are blind. In trucking terminology, these areas are called no zones. Front vision begins after 20 feet, depending on the truck’s design. Rear vision is also impossible within 30 feet of the trailer.

The large and jetting rear view mirrors, cannot reflect vehicles traveling alongside the trailer. If a motorist cannot see the truck driver in the side mirrors, the trucker cannot see the motorist. Finally, an increasingly prominent factor is driver distraction, lack of sleep, and impairment.

Size of the Truck

The tractor-trailer rigs can weigh, by federal law, up to 80,000 pounds, about the weight of 16 full-size passenger sedans, and it takes a lot of pavement to stop. Rear-end collisions are severe impacts. Size also makes turning difficult and a motorist can be pinched between the rig’s trailer and the right side curb. Maintenance and repair issues are factors, such as worn tires and faulty braking systems.

Weather and Road Conditions

Weather is a factor as slippery roads or windy conditions can move the rig from its lane, and strong winds can turn over the trailers. Abrupt moves can also shift cargo loads and unbalance the rig.

Available Damages for Victims of Truck Wrecks

People who suffer injuries in trucking accidents can claim the medical expenses incurred because of the wreck. If the injured person cannot work, they can also claim lost income, and if the person can no longer hold a job because of a severe injury, they can recover damages for what they would have earned over a lifetime. If retraining is necessary, they can claim those expenses as well.

Non-economic damages such as pain, suffering, and emotional and mental anguish, are also allowed. If the crash happened because of a horrendous action, the victim of that act may be able to recover punitive damages which can be a public warning not to behave in such a manner. A Franklin truck accident lawyer could help an individual pursue the damages that a person deserves.

Consulting a Franklin Truck Accident Attorney

A Franklin truck accident lawyer can thoroughly investigate the crash and use a professional accident investigator to reconstruct it. The attorney can also investigate the trucking company’s records to learn whether maintenance was done properly, whether the truck had mechanical problems that were not corrected, or whether the driver was poorly trained or otherwise impaired.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a truck accident, set up a consultation to speak with a lawyer. A free consultation can assess the strength of the case and explain the applicable law without any obligation. Time is critical as accident cases must be filed within one year of the crash. Call today to make an appointment.

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