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Franklin Rollover Car Accident Lawyer

Rollover car accidents can be incredibly serious accidents that cause severe injuries for both the driver of the vehicle and any passengers. When an accident of this nature is caused by the negligent actions of one party, the victim or victims of the accident may be entitled to compensation for their losses.

If you were injured in a rollover car wreck, you may need the guidance of a Franklin rollover car accident lawyer to help you through the complex legal process of filing for recovery. A skilled car collision attorney could help you determine liability, file your claim, and negotiate for a fair compensation amount as quickly and effectively as possible.

Determining Liability for Rollover Car Accident Cases

Those injured in rollover accidents may have the right to obtain financial recovery from any responsible parties. However, determining liability can be challenging if more than one party contributes to the accident. In such cases, it can be complicated for victims to identify all the negligent parties and file their legal claims accordingly. A Franklin rollover car accident attorney could help a plaintiff file against the appropriate parties.

Determining liability for a rollover crash may be especially difficult if the accident is a single vehicle accident. This makes it unlikely for a driver to be able to sue another driver on the road. Instead, injured victims will typically bring a case against a third party, such as a car manufacturer who created a car defect or even a government entity responsible for making safe roads.

Car components such as seat belts, air bags, stability controls, and inadequate crumple zones can all fail and cause serious injuries to a vehicle’s occupants. If a victim’s car had defective safety features or faulty components, they may be able to file a rollover car accident claim against the car manufacturer.

Proving Liability

Injured victims must prove that a driver or other entity caused a rollover accident and is therefore legally responsible for damages sustained from the accident. Under Tennessee law, a successful personal injury claim can involve several elements, each of which must be satisfied for the plaintiff to receive compensation:

  • The defendant must owe a “duty of care” to the injured plaintiff
  • The defendant must have engaged in conduct that falls below the accepted standard of care
  • The defendant’s conduct must be the proximate cause of injuries suffered by the plaintiff

Speak with an experienced lawyer today to learn more about proving liability.

Time Limits to File a Claim in Franklin

According to TN Code § 28-3-104, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is one year from the date the accident occurred. If the injured plaintiff does not file a lawsuit before the one-year deadline, the court may consider the claim invalid and the plaintiff will lose the ability to pursue just compensation.

Nevertheless, there are certain exceptions to the statute of limitations in which claims may be considered valid. If victims are unable to legally or competently represent themselves, Tennessee may delay the statute of limitations.

Also known as “tolling provisions,” victims with such conditions may have the deadline for their rollover car accident delayed until the victim turns 18 or has recovered from a disability. The victim then has one year from that date to bring a claim in court. A seasoned Franklin rollover car accident lawyer could help an injured victim file a claim within the statute of limitations.

Reach Out to a Franklin Rollover Car Accident Attorney

A rollover car accident can be devastating for those who sustained injuries, especially if it was due to another party’s negligence. Since these lawsuits often require intricate knowledge of Tennessee’s motor vehicle and injury laws, a compassionate Franklin rollover car accident lawyer could assist you with your personal injury lawsuit and handle any subsequent appeals. Reach out to learn more about your rights and responsibilities.

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