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Franklin Front-End Collision Lawyer

It is easy to assume that front-end damage to a vehicle indicates fault. Indeed, many drivers responsible for rear-end accidents sustain damage to the front ends of their own vehicles. There are cases, however, in which a driver sustains front-end damage through no fault of their own. In such circumstances, they may be entitled to damages from the at-fault driver.

If you have suffered an injury in a car accident in which you ran into a negligent driver, a Franklin front-end collision lawyer may be able to help. A conversation with a knowledgeable car crash attorney could help you better understand your rights and effectively seek restitution for your damages.

Understanding Front-End Crashes

Front-end collisions are motor vehicle accidents in which the front of one or more vehicles sustains damage. Perhaps the most common kind of front-end accident is a head-on collision in which two cars crash head to head. Such accidents are frequently caused by drunk, drugged, drowsy, or distracted drivers who are not paying close enough attention to the road. A single mistake can cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle and steer into oncoming traffic.

Understandably, head-on collisions are one of the deadliest types of car wrecks. While automakers have built various protective elements in the side and rear-ends of many vehicles, there is often little to protect drivers from head-on collisions. Airbags can help prevent some damage, but a serious blow to the front end of a vehicle can cause life-threatening injuries, especially at high speeds.

Occasionally, front-end damage can occur in other kinds of crashes. When a driver makes a sudden stop and the vehicle behind them cannot stop in time, both front and rear-end damage can occur. Fault can be difficult to determine in collisions like this, but a skilled front-end collision attorney in Franklin may be able to prove that the driver who stopped suddenly was at fault.

Proving Negligence

The law in Franklin requires drivers to act responsibly behind the wheel and prevent accidents when possible. Those who ignore such laws and drive recklessly can be held accountable for their actions. Drivers have a duty to care for passengers and other motorists on the road, and failure to do so can mean they breached this duty in a way that a Franklin front-end collision lawyer could leverage into a civil suit.

To prove negligence in a Franklin car accident case, injuries sustained in an accident must be the direct result of a reckless driver’s choices or actions. If the victim suffered injuries in a wreck caused by an irresponsible driver, the reckless driver can be held liable for any resulting physical and financial damages, as well as—in some cases—emotional and psychological ones.

How a Franklin Front-End Collision Attorney Could Help

The period following a front-end collision can be incredibly trying. Stressful phone calls to the insurance company, police, and healthcare facilities can make recovery a challenge. Victims hurt in such incidents should consider reaching out to a Franklin front-end collision lawyer for guidance. An experienced attorney could be your best advocate and closest ally in the wake of a crash.

If you or someone you love suffered an injury in a front-end car accident in Franklin, Tennessee, call today to set up an appointment for a free consultation, where an attorney could discuss with you how to hold reckless drivers responsible for their carelessness and pursue the compensation you deserve.

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