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When purchasing a product from the market, people typically do so believing that what they buy will be safe and usable. Unfortunately, this belief does not hold true all the time. Products with defects do reach consumers despite quality checks and inspections, and a large number of people are grievously injured due to defective items every year.

Under Tennessee product liability law, aggrieved consumers have various options when it comes to suing manufacturers or others who were instrumental in marketing, designing, and manufacturing dangerous items. Many people who suffer injuries due to faulty products tend to focus on suing the retailer who sold them the product. However, in many cases, the manufacturer of the faulty or unsafe product is also legally liable for any harm caused by such products.

You can legally hold liable parties accountable for your injuries in such a situation. A Franklin defective products lawyer with experience in products liability cases could help you assess whether you have a good reason to file suit. Call today to schedule a consultation with a seasoned personal injury attorney.

Duties of the Manufacturer

Product liability law in Franklin is based on the assumption that manufacturers are typically in the best position to prevent faulty or unsafe products from gaining entry into the market. If manufacturers do not fulfill their duty to safeguard buyers from hazardous items, they are and should be held responsible for any ensuing injuries.

An individual who suffers injury due to a faulty product can file a product liability suit against the manufacturer in Tennessee even if the defendant is situated in some other state. The victim should seek the professional assistance of a Franklin defective products lawyer to effectively fight their case.

Tennessee Products Liability Act

According to the Tennessee Products Liability Act, the duty is on the aggrieved party in defective products lawsuits to prove that the merchandise was unsafe or faulty when it left the manufacturer and that the maker failed to warn of the risk. The law will look at the condition of technological understanding of safe design during the period the product was manufactured.

It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure adequate precautions while producing a consumer product. They should also ensure appropriate packaging and provide directions and warnings about the right usage of the product. Furthermore, it is essential for the manufacturer to caution buyers about risks posed by any product used as suggested.

Failure on part of the manufacturer to issue sufficient warnings about risks associated with a product can be grounds for a failure-to-warn claim. A product liability attorney in Franklin could work to find out if a manufacturer violated its duty by making a dangerous product and exposing buyers to unspecified perils.

Requisites for a Successful Claim

In order to ensure an effective product liability claim, it is important to establish that specific conditions are applicable to the particular case in question. These usually relate to flaws in design, marketing, and manufacturing. An accomplished attorney could evaluate the product and help determine if a claim has validity. Some other elements necessary include:

  • The product was not altered from its original state in any way
  • The defective product caused injury while it was being used in its intended manner
  • There were insufficient warnings about faults, risks, and negative side effects associated with the product
  • It was an unreasonably dangerous flaw that caused the injury
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If you or your loved one suffered an injury due to a defective product, get in touch with a Franklin defective products lawyer with expertise and in-depth knowledge in this specialized area of law. Product liability claims can be complex, and you may need a lawyer who could fight to get justice for you by holding the manufacturer and distributor accountable. Set up a consultation today.

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