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Franklin Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

According to the CDC, almost half the population of America has used at least one prescription drug in the past 30 days. This extensive usage of prescription medications translates into big profits for the pharmaceutical firms which produce or distribute these drugs.

The competition among drug manufacturers to garner a larger share of the market often leads to them taking shortcuts, and at times this means hurried or inadequate safety testing or compromises in the manufacturing process or raw material procurement. This has led to an increase in the number of personal injury cases related to defective drugs and risky pharmaceutical practices.

The pharmaceutical drug industry, which encompasses both the manufacture and distribution of such products, accounts for $400 billion in sales turnover annually. To fight a personal injury case against a pharma giant, you might need professional advice from a Franklin dangerous drugs lawyer. Call today to schedule a consultation with a seasoned personal injury attorney.

Liability in Dangerous Drugs Cases

Any combination of the following three individuals or entities could be held responsible for negligence in a majority of medical injury cases resulting from dangerous drugs:

  • The medical practitioner – If a physician prescribes an incorrect dosage or medication, or orders medication that other medical practitioners would not, it can be grounds for medical malpractice
  • The maker of the drug – If the required research and testing was not done prior to publicizing the drug, or if the manufacturer tries to hide any dangerous side-effects of the drug, it can open the door to a defective products lawsuit
  • The pharmacist – A wrongly filled prescription, be it dosage or medication, can provide grounds for medical malpractice

First Steps to Take in Case of Dangerous Drugs Injury

After locking the drugs away in a secure place, patients injured by dangerous drugs should also safeguard all related documentation such as packaging, instructions on usage, bills, and the doctor’s prescription. Furthermore, they should not hand over the drug for testing purposes to the manufacturer, as the days immediately following the accident often determine whether a hazardous drug case will be won or lost. Faulty drugs must be immediately safeguarded, and injured patients should contact an experienced Franklin dangerous drugs lawyer as soon as possible.

Types of Dangerous Drug Liability Claims

There may be grounds for a dangerous drug claim if the drug was contaminated during the production process or was incorrectly produced. Some particular variants of such cases include causes of actions such as inaccurate labeling of the container, using the wrong ingredient during manufacture, and problems during shipping.

If a victim believes that a pharmaceutical organization failed to issue adequate instructions or did not caution about the method of using the drug, there may be grounds for a claim. This type of failure can range from not disclosing the possibility of side effects to misrepresenting the drug’s capabilities.

In some instances, a drug has grave side effects that result in serious illness or injury. Often, the victims in such cases might claim the drug’s manufacturer or seller failed to warn of these risks despite being aware of the side effects. A concrete number of such cases have to do with drugs that have been around for a while. It is only after significant time has passed that any health issues associated with these drugs come to light.

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You may need a Franklin dangerous drugs lawyer who has the skill and experience to go up against large pharmaceutical firms and others who may be responsible for your personal injury. Get in touch with an attorney who could work to successfully protect your rights and is up to date about the prevailing pharmaceutical drug hazards.

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