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Following a Nashville Traumatic Brain Injury

The first thing someone should do following a Nashville traumatic brain injury is contact a doctor. If it happened as the result of an accident, then they are going to the ER via ambulance or whatever means are appropriate, so the person gets medical attention.

The injured party should document everything about the accident and preserve evidence that an experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer may deem useful in court. These pictures should include all vehicles involved, the scene of the accident, a picture of everybody’s license plate, and the name of witnesses.

After a Nashville traumatic brain injury, the injured person may have a moment of loss of conscious or impact to the head and not realize how serious it is at that time. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to try and recreate an accident months after the event without photos and witnesses.

When to Visit the Emergency Room vs. a Regular Doctor

If someone has a severe injury they should go to the emergency room to make sure there is no brain bleed or something that can get progressively worse. The ER will check the injured person’s personality to make sure they do not have an injury, like a brain bleed, that needs immediate attention.

The injured person will also need to follow-up with a doctor if they start having symptoms following a Nashville traumatic brain injury. Symptoms can include loss of memory and mood changes. In that event, the doctor should send to the injured person to someone that is trained to deal with brain injuries, such as a speech or language pathologist. 

What Can a Neuropsychologist Do to Help?

A Neuropsychologist can assess abnormal brain functioning someone has due to the brain injury and can help manage the person’s behavior with coping skills, strategies to learn how to deal with these types of injuries and to help with any emotional issues one may be having like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

People with brain injuries may meet regularly with a rehab nurse or recreational therapists. Vocational counsels can really help people to assess their ability to get back to work and hopefully get their life back.

Importance of Seeking Medical Attention Following Head Injuries?

If a person has any symptoms after an impact to the head, that person needs to seek medical attention. Many times, people think can shake off a minor head injury, but there could be hidden symptoms like bleeds in the brain that have a delayed onset. Seeking medical attention can ensure that the injured person is okay and that they have not sustained a permanent injury. From a legal standpoint, a person suffering traumatic brain injury needs to obtain documents as proof of what they have suffered following a  Nashville traumatic brain injury. 

Legal Impact of Receiving Medical Attention

If someone loses consciousness in an accident, and despite having headaches for months, does not go to the doctor for six months, their insurance company can deny coverage for the injuries as actually stemming from the accident, declaring that if it was that bad, they should have gone to a doctor right away.

From a legal standpoint, it is easier to explain the series of events to a jury, judge, and an insurance company with a documented timeline. Following a Nashville traumatic brain injury, a personal injury attorney can help you present a case for damages. An attorney could show that the person had these symptoms which developed over a reasonable time after the accident, and show how the symptoms progressed.

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