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Evidence in Nashville Burn Injury Cases

The most common examples of qualifying evidence in a burn injury case are photographs and videos. Skilled burn accident lawyers also use tax records to show lost wages and economic losses. Testimony is also a common example of qualifying evidence. 

A person gets up on the witness stand and swears to tell the truth, whether that person be the victim, their family members, or their friends. That is great evidence in Nashville burn injury cases to relay to the judge and the jury how difficult a burn injury can be.

Defining the Evidence-Collecting Process

For photograph or video evidence, lawyers get a lot of that from the individual. Sometimes, injured parties have compiled all of that before they even meet with the attorney. If an attorney needs to collect or obtain expert testimony or medical testimony, they will do that by depositions. Testimony can be gathered from economists and vocational disability experts. 

Computer animation is sometimes used to explain how an accident happened and how the injuries are impacting potential clients. A lawyer will use several different methods when gathering and presenting evidence in Nashville burn injury cases depending on what they are trying to prove.

How is Evidence Used to Establish Liability in a Burn Injury Case?

Establishing liability in a burn injury case will depend on the type of case the lawyer is dealing with. For instance, if someone has been burned in a car accident by their car catching fire, that could be viewed as a products liability case. 

An expert would be brought in to talk about why it caught fire, what caused it, and what could have been done to prevent it. The same thing is true for chemical burns. In those types of cases, there will be an expert used to establish what happened. 

For fires, usually, an expert is going to come in and talk about what could have been done differently or what was done incorrectly that created the fire or the burn.

Preparing for a Burn Injury Case

A catastrophic injury lawyer will prepare a burn injury case by first determining who is responsible for the burn. This is to make sure that there is someone who may be legally responsible for the injury and the damages that arose from that injury.

At that same time, the attorneys will gather and maintain evidence in Nashville burn injury cases for liability and for the extent of the injury itself. They will take photographs of injuries, video of the injury, and will make sure all of that evidence is locked down and documented so that, if the case ends up in front of a jury, the lawyers can then show the jury what the potential client went through.

Who Might Attorneys Talk To During Their Investigation?

They will talk to co-workers, friends, neighbors, and witnesses who can talk about how this person's life and their family's life were impacted by the burn. Lawyers also may have experts come in to talk about economic damages, the loss of future wages, medical bills, and any types of damages that the potential clients might have incurred.

Role of the Injured Party in Collecting Evidence

Usually, individuals can connect the lawyer with people they knew before the injury so those people can talk about how the injury has affected the victim's life. Witnesses will often bring photographs of victims doing activities they enjoyed before the injury that are difficult or impossible for them to do now. Potential clients can help lawyers get tax records to prove economic losses.

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