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Evidence in a Nashville Paralysis Case

In paralysis cases, a lot is at stake for individuals. A paralysis claim gives injured individuals the opportunity to recover damages for their injuries. Evidence in a Nashville paralysis case is instrumental to achieving a positive outcome. If you have been injured and become paralyzed as a result, consult a compassionate paralysis lawyer that could attempt to help you recover the damages that you deserve.

What Qualifies as Evidence?

There are many different things that qualify as evidence in a paralysis case. Evidence can be photographs of the accident scene, general witness statements, and other things of that nature.

Evidence of paralysis injuries can be shown with photographs or computer animations. Sometimes the injuries are apparent on the body. A doctor can explain from a book if they want to, so this evidence is not limited to the actual body.

Expert Witness Testimony

Another form of evidence in a Nashville paralysis case can be expert testimony, which will typically explain the lasting medical effects. There are also life care planners who talk about what that person will require for the rest of their life. Economic experts are brought in to place a dollar value amount on the injuries suffered. Finally, the testimony of family members can be crucial in order to explain just how profound of an effect an injury like this can have on a person.

Victim’s Testimony

The most important piece of evidence for a jury to hear is the accident victim's statement. That person will tell their story directly to the jury and explain how much their life has changed because of this injury.

Establishing Liability in Paralysis Cases

In 90 percent of cases, the main evidence establishing liability is exactly the thing that caused the paralysis, whether it be a car accident or an injury at a construction site. There are differences in cases such as medical malpractice, where the paralysis is secondary to an initial injury. Those cases require an expert medical opinion to explain how the deviation from care led to paralysis that could have been prevented.

What Happens When No One is At-Fault?

Situations do arise where an injury is truly no one’s fault. There are times when there is just a horrible situation that may result from walking down the street or something like that. Those types of situations do not involve a lawsuit, those are just horrible life events that happen sometimes. That is the difference between a case that could have been prevented because somebody made a conscious choice like they were texting on their phone when they hit someone, and something happening that is outside of a person’s control.

Role of the Accident Victim in Collecting Evidence

The person suffering from the paralysis will always have information that their lawyer does not have access to. That person’s role is to help divulge as much of that information as possible. A lot of it is obvious, such as who their family is, where they worked, and what their wages were.

All of that information is crucial to building the foundation of any paralysis case. Some of the potential evidence in a Nashville paralysis case may not be so obvious. This can involve what friends and family will say, people that can explain how the person was before suffering from paralysis and how the injury has severely impacted that person’s life.

How a Nashville Paralysis Attorney Could Help

The most important thing an experienced lawyer can do is keep the story clear and concise for the jury because there are many different moving parts in a paralysis case. The lawyer acts as the quarterback of the team in order to guide the parties involved through the process. Lawyers take the medical damages, the emotional damages, and the liability, and put them all together to show a jury exactly what a particular person went through.

A lawyer could emphasize any negligent or reckless acts that created this in hopes to get the jury to award a reasonable amount of compensation for what the injured person has endured. There is obviously no dollar amount that can compensate for what an individual suffering from paralysis is going through, but the money does help and ease the process in a significant way. A capable attorney could use evidence in a Nashville paralysis case, in the hopes of achieving a positive outcome.

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