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Defective Automobile Lawyers

We all rely on our vehicles to get us where we need to go each day. We also count on them to be safe for our loved ones. Unfortunately, however, sometimes vehicles may be defective and lead to dangerous accidents and the loss of lives. Some of these accidents may be caused by defects in how the vehicle is designed or defects in the performance of certain features the vehicle may have. This may happen when manufacturers fail to properly test their vehicles according to certain safety standards or when they ignore concerns that these tests may reveal. If you or someone you care about has been injured or died because of a defective vehicle, then you should speak with a Tennessee defective car lawyer as soon as possible. They will review your case and help you get the compensation you need for the injuries you have suffered. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT TIME IS CRITICAL IN DEFECTIVE AUTO CASES AS THE CAR SHOULD BE PRESERVED IF POSSIBLE.

Current Defective Car Claims We are PursuingWhat are Some Common Automobile Defects?

Depending on the type of vehicle you own, there may be several different types of defects related to how the vehicle is made or designed. Some of the most common types of defects may include but are not limited to:

  • Failures in the fuel system- The vehicle may have a fire after an accident has occurred due to a poorly designed fuel system or holes within the fuel tank.
  • Vehicle Rollovers- In vehicles with a higher center of gravity such as trucks or SUVs, a car crash may lead to the vehicle landing on its side or upside down. This can lead to people in the vehicle being trapped and seriously injured.
  • Defects doors or door locks- This usually means that the doors can become unlocked during an accident and a person may be thrown out of their vehicle.
  • Defective airbags- If an airbag does not work during an accident or is deploys with a large amount of force, this can cause severe injuries.
  • Seatbelt malfunctions- This may lead to a driver or passenger not being properly restrained when an accident occurs.
  • Defects in the tires- This can mean that the tires wear out easily or that the tires may be poorly made and have defects in the actual tire.
How can a Tennessee Defective Automobile Lawyer Help With My Case?

When an automobile defect may be the reason for an accident or injury, this may be difficult to prove, this is why if you feel that you or a loved one has been injured in a accident and you suspect a defect may have been the cause, it is important to contact an experienced and caring defective vehicle lawyer with the Higgins Firm. We will listen to your case and work with you to make sure the manufactures of your vehicle are held accountable for their actions and that you receive the compensation that is rightfully yours for what you have been through.

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