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Davidson County Side Impact Collision Lawyer

Although not all side impacts result in fatalities or serious injuries, these accidents are often very serious. If you or a loved one are involved in a side impact collision, it is often a wise idea to contact a Davidson County side impact collision lawyer for legal assistance and advice. A qualified car accident attorney could advocate for you.

Causes of Side Impact Collisions

There are various reasons why side impact collisions occur. Inclement weather conditions can make it very difficult for a motor vehicle operator to safely stop their automobile, as can aggressive or reckless driving.

Talking on a cell phone and texting while driving are two of the most types of distracted driving patterns, evidence of which can often be held to use a driver accountable for an accident. In cases where a motor vehicle operator gets into an accident due to substance abuse, any evidence of impaired driving increases the chances that a person will be found liable for that accident.

Failure to obey traffic lights and signals or properly yield at an intersection can influence a court’s decision on liability as well. Provided that these signs and signals were operating correctly, evidence can likely be established that a motor vehicle driver failed to safely operate a vehicle.

Equipment failure is not frequent, but can result in very serious accidents. In these cases, the driver who was operating the vehicle will likely not be found at fault for the accident.

What Makes Side Impact Collisions Dangerous

All motor vehicle accidents have the potential to be dangerous, but there are some unique reasons why side impact collisions are particularly deadly.

When a motor vehicle takes the full force from a side impact collision, there is often very little padding or safety material offering protection from this momentum on that part of the vehicle. If a car lacks side airbags, there is an even greater risk of substantial harm being caused.

Additionally, the impact of a collision could result in a person receiving substantial injuries. In very severe cases, a person might even be thrown out of their vehicle due to a side impact collision.

Determining Responsibility in a Side Impact Collision

In many cases, side impact collisions are caused by distracted motor vehicle operators who fail to properly obey traffic laws. To establish that the other party is responsible for the accident, there are several elements that an accident victim and their Davidson County side impact collision lawyer must prove to establish liability for negligence:

  • The driver had a duty of care to operate their vehicle in a safe manner
  • The driver breached their duty of care concerning vehicle operation
  • This breach directly caused the accident and result in damages
Consulting a Davidson County Side Impact Collision Attorney

The results of a side impact collision frequently result in very serious injuries and even fatalities. People injured in these accidents are frequently able to obtain compensation for emotional suffering, lost wages, and medical bills.

Qualified legal counsel can help with various issues including pursuing compensation claims with insurance companies. Call today to discuss how you could benefit from the assistance of a Davidson County side impact collision lawyer.

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